Legislative Update by State Senator Caryn Tyson

Caryn Tyson


March 31, 2023


Too many bills to mention Last week the Senate worked over 75 bills in three days.  It was a grueling schedule.  All of the bills can be found at www.KSLegislature.org  Below are a few highlights from the marathon of legislation.


Property Tax was discussed in some detail on the Senate floor regarding a proposed constitutional amendment that I requested, Senate Concurrent Resolution (SCR) 1610.  It would limit property valuations to a maximum 3% increase each year.  According the Revisors office (lawyers), this change must be made in the Constitution.  It was modeled after Oklahoma and Oregon, states that use fair market value systems, similar to Kansas.  A couple of Senators argued that it would take us out of compliance of fair market value and some owners would be paying more because they remodeled or sold their home.  However, the more important argument in support of the 3% limit is why should you be paying higher property taxes if your neighbor sells or remodels their home?  Oklahoma and Oregon have had valuation limits for over 25 years.  It will not break the Kansas system, but it will keep property owners from these massive property tax valuation increases in one year.  It does not stop local governments and schools from increasing your property taxes, via mil levy increases, but it does stop these super-inflated valuation increases and the burden of contesting them.  The SCR must pass both chambers by 2/3 majority.  It failed in the Senate on a vote of 26 to 14.  If one Senator who voted no, will change their vote Monday 4/3/23, it would go to the House for a vote.  It is a step in the right direction for limiting these massive property valuation increases.


Freedom from Government Competition is the intent of Senate Bill (SB) 252.  Businesses should not have to compete against their government.  There are government ran businesses in Kansas, creating an unfair advantage and SB 252 would help level the playing field.  If the Department of Revenue decides that your business is competing against a government business in your city then sales and property tax for your business would be exempt.  It passed the Senate 24 to 16.  I voted Yes.


Environmental Social Governance (ESG)  is a rating system established to encourage politically charged investments, such as stopping investments in the oil and gas industry.  The Kansas Senate took a major step in prohibiting state agencies and other political subdivisions from giving preferential treatment to or discriminating against companies based on ESG criteria.  I offered an amendment that would prohibit state investments in countries that are known foreign advisories to the U.S., such as China and others.  All investments must be divested within 18 months.  We should have never been invested in these countries.  The amendment passed.  The bill passed the Senate 29 to 11.  I voted Yes.


It is an honor and a privilege to serve as your 12th District State Senator.



5 thoughts on “Legislative Update by State Senator Caryn Tyson”

  1. She doesn’t mention voting against a tax break for service disabled veterans like my wife and I. My bride served a year as a nurse in Vietnam. The 24th Evac Hospital was located next to the USAF agent orange dump. She’s had Parkinson’s Desease over the last 15 years. I ejected from a burning jet and now have back and knee problems. She believes we don’t deserve a tax break. When was she in the armed forces?

    1. That’s because she didn’t vote against it. She didn’t block it either. Check your source – he is inaccurate and he is a Representative who should know better.

  2. Thank you for pointing that out. Kansas does little for disabled veterans relief, compared to all surrounding states.(5th worst nationally) Veterans move to friendly states upon retiring or separating. They take they money, workforce knowhow, and opinions with them. Chamber of Commerfce must not be concerned.

  3. Kansas ranks at the bottom of states in support for disabled veterans(5th). ALL surrounding states provide property tax relief. Oklahoma does not charge our wounded warriors sales tax.
    Vets retire to vet friendly states, taking with them their dollars, work force knowhow, and the states reputation. Vets talk.
    Must not concern the Chamber of Commerce.

  4. In fact, I was the one who fought for a property tax freeze for disabled veterans. If we can pass CCR 8, it expands the program for disabled veterans and low income seniors.

    I also was the person who put in language to double the personal exemption last year for disabled veterans.
    The facts matter!

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