Homelessness Addressed by Local Business

Western Senior Living apartment complex has a designated unit for a homeless person.

Homelessness in Fort Scott is being addressed, at least for one person at a time, by a local business.

Western Senior Living apartments at 8 East First Street, opened in January 2017 and has 35 apartments for lease, with one designated for a homeless/ transitional individual in the community.

Funding for the $5.9 million project was from state low-income tax credits and federal historic tax credits, according to  https://www.flinthillsholdings.com/the-western-building/

When renovated and re-purposed, the old Western Insurance Building became apartments that were designated for individuals who have income at 60 percent or 50 percent or 40 percent of median income level, said Diane Kelsey, regional manager for Flint Hills Management.

“In addition, there is one homeless unit,” Kelsey said. “You have to be designated homeless by an agency.  At that point, rent is 30 percent of their income, or $100, whichever is greater.”

There is currently an individual living in the homeless designated unit.

“They sign a year lease when they move in,” she said. “Then at the end of the year, we re-evaluate their circumstances. The maximum they can stay is two years. This is to give them a more stable place to stay.”

The individual has to meet the same criteria as other residents: pass a background check and have credit, she said.

Kelsey said she has apartments available for lease currently that are not designated for the homeless. Prices range from $370 to $550 a month for a one bedroom apartment and $610 to $710 for a two bedroom.

Kelsey said 80 percent of the apartments have requirements of income.

“Twenty percent are market rate,” she said. “Which means no

income requirements.”

The bedroom closet in the apartment currently available at Western Senior Living.
A single bedroom unit currently empty at Western Senior Living apartment complex.
The bathroom of the one bedroom apartment currently available at Western Senior Living.
Western Senior Living is located at 1st and Main Streets in downtown Fort Scott.

For more information call 620-223-1718 Monday, Wednesday, and Fridays from 10 a.m. to 3 p.m.

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