Homeless Man Arrested for Vandalism of Eight Businesses

Jesse Frye, from the Bourbon County Sheriff’s website.

Jesse Dean Frye was arrested on May 8 for vandalism of some businesses, a residence and a vehicle in the early morning hours on that day.

Charges for Frye are theft,  a misdemeanor and criminal damage to property, a felony, with bond set at $2,500.

“He was involved in throwing rocks or objects through windows,” Lt. Caleb Bell, with the Fort Scott Police Department said.

“From the info we have, he is believed to be homeless,” Bells said.

“We have identified him in several security surveillance videos.” he said.

Those who were victims of the vandalism are the Lowell Milken Center, Empress Event Center, Iron Star Antiques, Merle Humphrey Photography, City State Bank, Patterson Dental Office, Farmers Insurance and the Jerry Witt residence in downtown Fort Scott.

In addition, a vehicle was vandalized as well.

Norm Conard, director of the Lowell Milken Center on North Main Street in the historic downtown area, said “On our security camera, the man threw a rock, it didn’t break the window. Then he put his feet in our fountain (adjacent to the building), then thew a rock a second time.”

The Witt’s have a residence in the historic district and said that they had some outside decor knocked over and some strewn about.

The next step in the process for Frye is “We will forward all the info to the Bourbon County Attorney’s office, then court proceedings will take place at a later date,” Bell said.


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