Hartman Spine And Joint: Two Focuses of Medicine

Husband and wife chiropractors, Dr. Heather Davis and Dr. Grant Hartman with their billing employee, Jenny Guilfoyle and receptionist, Joy Fleming.

Hartman Spine and Joint is a team of husband and wife, both chiropractic doctors, but who focused on different areas of chiropractic service.

Grant Hartman’s diploma from Logan University hangs on the wall of his practice.

Both graduated from Logan University, St. Louis, Mo.

Dr. Grant Hartman treats musculoskeletal conditions.

Following sport injury issues at Fort Scott High School, Hartman received help through chiropractic medicine. He graduated in 2008.

“I had back problems in high school in football and track,” Hartman said. “A chiropractic doctor was able to help.”

Additionally, his grandfather Ron Billiard had extensive back problems.

“I always said if I could help only one person so they wouldn’t have to go through what he went through,” Hartman said. “That’s what motivated me.”

Conditions that Dr. Grant Hartman treats.

Dr. Heather Davis, a 2006 graduate of FSHS, focused on different issues.

“I was a bodybuilder and did well,” Davis said. “But my health was devastated. I started seeing a functional medicine doctor.”

After six months of seeing improvement in her health, she changed her focus at Logan University to functional medicine.

Dr. Heather Davis’ diploma hangs on the wall of her office. She graduated magna cum laude.
A sign in the doctor’s office explains functional medicine.

The office has two employees, Joy Fleming and Jenny Guilfoyle.

Receptionist Joy Fleming schedules appointments, takes patient payments and coordinates referrals to other doctors as part of her duties at Hartman Spine and Joint.
Jenny Guilfoyle works on billing for Hartman Spine and Joint which includes insurance, billing, statements, and helping patients understand their insurance coverage.
Treatments available at Hartman Spine and Joint.

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