Hamilton’s Artisan Bakery New Offerings 2024

In 2020, Teri and Michael Hamilton moved from the Kansas City area to Fort Scott.

They had friends in the Fort Scott area and fell in love with Fort Scott, she said.

In 2022, Teri opened a new business, Hamilton’s Artisan Bakery.

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Last year, Hamilton’s Artisan Bakery opened preview subscriptions to a small group of people to test recipes, practice new techniques, and develop a menu, she said.
“We tested a new recipe each week, and our subscribers were able to give invaluable feedback to help us dial in our menu,” said Hamilton.
This year will be a few adjustments.
“Beginning in February, we’ll be testing new recipes each week, and offering a few different subscription choices. You can choose Sweet or Savory, or both!  They’ll still be available at weekly porch pick-ups, and we’d still love to get your feedback!” Hamilton said.
“We will be offering our Spring Sweet and Savory Subscriptions, with the first pick-up beginning February 3rd. Find all the details here. Be sure to browse around our new website and pre-order online to secure your spot!”
“Our Sweet Subscription will be a new treat every week. This is a subscription for those with a sweet tooth! Chocolate, berries, cream, and a decadent treat called ‘Bread is Gold’. We’ll be offering some treats that can’t be sold at the Farmer’s Market, so many of these will only be available here.”
“Our Savory Subscription will be a little more hearty and a little more health conscious. We’re excited to try new flours like rye and whole wheat as well as inclusions such as grains and seeds.”
You can also subscribe for both.
“Double Subscriptions are just that and will include both the sweet and savory offerings. So both dinner and dessert are covered!”
“Mini Subscriptions will have the same great taste in a more manageable size. We will offer mini versions of each of our weekly savory loaves, and just one or two servings of our sweet treats. You can choose Mini versions of each of our subscriptions: Mini Sweet, Mini Savory, or Mini Double.”
This year she will be offering baking parties for groups of 4-6 people, available February through April.
“These will be offered on a date that works for you and your group, here at our home/bakery OR at your home. Bread takes time, so plan on 3-4 hours here with your friends. You’ll get hands-on practice with making a loaf of your choice, we’ll bake a loaf to munch on, and you’ll leave with your own loaf to bake at home. These will be $35 per person, and will fill up fast, so contact us at [email protected] to get on the calendar!”
Teri Hamilton can be contacted at (816) 491-7884

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