New Bakery in Town: Hamilton’s Bakery

Teri and Michael Hamilton. Submitted photo.

In early 2020, Teri and Michael Hamilton were looking for a move to a home so they could be a one income family. They lived in the Kansas City area.

“We were looking farther out of the Kansas City area, because it is so expensive to live there,” Teri said. “We were looking for a house to buy, we wanted to live on one income.”

They had friends in the Fort Scott area and fell in love with Fort Scott, she said.

“Both of our moms, a nephew and a sister have moved here,” since their move, she said.

They began the process of opening a bakery from their home, with sourdough bread as their first product.

“I grew up in a bakery,” she said. “But we never did sour dough bread.”

She has been developing the technique of making the specialty bread.

“The process is different from yeasted bread,” Hamilton said. “It’s 30 to 48 hours to get a loaf of bread from start to finish. But it’s so good!”

They opened a new home-based business venture this month.

“Our main product is a really nice loaf of artisan sourdough bread,” she said.

Marketing their product

“We are going to Fort Scott Farmer’s Market, and doing orders online,” Hamilton said.

Farmer’s Market meets at Skubitz Plaza on Saturday mornings from  8 a.m. to noon and Tuesday evenings from 4 to 6 p.m from the first weekend in May, this year it’s May 7, until the last weekend in October.

“We will be there Saturday mornings and Tuesday evenings until we sell out,” she said.

To order, send a message to them on their Facebook page:
The Hamilton’s Bakery.
The Hamilton’s Bakery produces artisan sourdough bread. Submitted photo.

Pick-up System

“We have a max capacity of two dozen loaves per day, so sales are limited,” she said.
Here’s how it all works:
Order and pay by noon Sunday for Tuesday pick up.
Order and pay by noon Wednesday for Saturday pick up.
The pick up location is the Fort Scott Farmer’s Market area on Skubitz Plaza.
They currently accept CashApp and cash.
 A large loaf of sourdough bread is $8. medium is $7.
On the horizon
On the horizon for the business is new products which they are developing.
“We want to grow as we go,” she said. “Not get in over our heads. We want to do one thing at a time and do it well, then do something else.”
“We would love to have a storefront bakery in the town,” she said. “But for the time being, we are doing it in our kitchen.”
Recommends HBCAT
The Hamilton’s have been aided in the business start-up by the Healthy Bourbon County Action Team.
“They have been so incredibly supportive, I highly recommend them.”

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