Governor Applauds Medicaid Expansion

Governor Laura Kelly applauds the passage of Medicaid expansion in the Kansas House


The following statement is from Governor Laura Kelly regarding the passage of Medicaid expansion by the Kansas House of Representatives:


“Today a bipartisan coalition in the Kansas House put politics aside and came together to pass Medicaid expansion. I’m proud of their work – and the work of so many advocates and citizens who worked tirelessly to make their voices heard on this issue.


“Medicaid expansion is one of the most critical issues impacting our state’s future. It will allow up to 150,000 more Kansans access to affordable healthcare, support local hospitals and clinics, and impact our economy for the better.


“Over 70 percent of Kansans support Medicaid expansion. I encourage the Kansas Senate to join me, this bipartisan coalition, business leaders and the overwhelming majority of Kansans in support of Medicaid expansion. The time for blocking progress has long since passed. Now is the time to expand Medicaid.”

3 thoughts on “Governor Applauds Medicaid Expansion”

  1. But what happens when the federal government says, “ oh we’ Sorry but we can’t find this for you anymore.” I live in Bourbon County, one of the highest taxed counties in the state yet one of the poorest Per Capita. When taxes are increased to fund this we may have to seriously consider moving to Missouri, Where their taxes are so much lower. Explain to me why that is.

    1. Excellent insight. Who’s going to pay Kansas’ part of expansion to the tune of $45 million dollars?

      Anyone who has studied public administration knows resources are finiate, not unlimited as these poiiticians seem to think.

      The State of Kansas is bankrupt. This kind of fiscal irresponsibility is what is driving Kansans of wealth and means to leave the State for more fiscally responsible alternatives.

  2. Kansas is dying for many reasons (former Bourbon County resident here, born and raised), but Medicaid expansion is widely supported and may actually help the state.

    Brownback’s “experiment” destroyed this state’s financial standing and turned Kansas into a laughingstock. Let’s hope that this is a sign that things are turning around.

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