FSCC New Housing: Garrison Hall

New FSCC student housing is located at 18th and Horton Streets, across from the campus.

The former Garrison Quarters apartments reno is completed after being purchased by Fort Scott Community College last spring.


FSCC purchased the complex for student housing and the building is renamed FSCC Garrison Hall.


“Each unit has two large bedrooms, one bathroom, kitchen, and living space,” Tom Harvon, FSCC Vice President of Student Affairs, said. “Each unit will house four students, for a total of 40 residents.

Tom Havron Submitted photos.

The apartments are a female-only complex, he said.

The reno added amenities.

“We have added on a laundry facility on the south end,” he said.  “Also, we have put new flooring, security system, and fire suppression system in the entire complex.”

The cost to students aligns with other student apartment living, Harvon said, which is $2,500 per semester.

“We are working with the city to get crosswalk markings across Horton for students to safely get to and from campus,” Havron said.

The college administration is being proactive for the school year.

“We have a waitlist at the start of every fall semester,” he said.  “It is difficult to turn students away, as many will then go somewhere else who can provide them housing and meals.  FSCC providing equitable housing options to students continues to be a priority.”

“We currently have students at (former) Mercy (Hospital building),” he said.  “We can’t predict the number of students who will be there this spring, at this time.  Hopefully, in the coming weeks, we will have a better idea of who will be completing their academics or transferring on to their four-year institution.”

Finals week at FSCC is Dec. 7-10.

The campus will open Jan. 5, 2022, classes start on Jan.  12, with spring graduation on May 14.


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