FS Commission Minutes of Aug. 4

Minutes are unapproved until the Aug. 18 meeting.

The regular meeting of the Fort Scott City Commission was held August 4th, 2020 at 6:00 p.m. via teleconference by all Commissioners and City Staff calling into a teleconference line. This is due to an outbreak of coronavirus with City Hall staff.


Roll call was taken. Commissioners K. Allen and L. Watts were present with Vice-Mayor R. Nichols presiding. P. Allen and J. Mitchell were not present via teleconference.

AUDIENCE IN ATTENDANCE: Jeff Deane, City Attorney, was connected via teleconference. He reminded the Commissioners to state their name when voting to prevent a violation of Kansas Open Meetings Act.


  1. Approval of minutes of the regular meeting of July 21st, 2020.

  1. Approval of Appropriation Ordinance 1268-A totaling $960,076.89.

  1. Olsson Associates – Engineering – Airport Electric Vault Project – $2,457.92

  1. Olsson Associates – Engineering – Airport Electric Vault Project – $7,523.15

  1. Strukel Electric, Inc. – Contractor – Airport Electric Vault Project – $15,949.38

  1. Schneider Electric – Contractor – Energy Upgrade – $146,821.25

R. Nichols said that the agenda was altered to just approve the consent agenda and the budget items and pool. The Lake property will not be discussed this evening. Randy read all the agenda items under the Consent Agenda to the public.

Lindsey said that she had a question regarding the July 21st, 2020 minutes and made a motion to remove those minutes from the Consent Agenda.

Jeff Deane said the minutes can be removed and the board can vote on the other items.

Randy Nichols said he would second Lindsey Watts motion to remove the July 21st, 2020 minutes from the Consent Agenda.

Kevin Allen said that he was only hearing about every other word. City Clerk read back the motion to them.

Randy Nichols asked the City Attorney how to proceed. Commissioner Kevin Allen’s call dropped off.

Jeff Deane said that we can hold for a few minutes and wait for him to call back in or adjourn the meeting since there is no longer a quorum. We cannot do anything while we wait. If a quorum cannot be reached, we will need to set a special meeting.

City Clerk texted Kevin Allen and Pete Allen to see if they can call in on a landline.

Susan Bancroft said that she has to have the budget published by Saturday and needs approval for this. She recommended a special meeting tomorrow morning.

Randy informed the public that City Hall has been shut on direction by the Public Health Officer due to an outbreak of City staff with the coronavirus.

City Manager said that the City Clerk will take a poll and see who can call into a special meeting tomorrow.


  1. Consideration of Health Insurance Contribution for employees
  1. Consideration of 5-year Capital Plan
  1. Budget discussion and approval to publish 2021 Budget
  1. Pool Closing Date Discussion


R. Nichols moved to adjourn the meeting at 6:22 p.m. L. Watts seconded. All voted aye.


A special meeting is to be held on August 5th, 2020 at 11:00 a.m.



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