Weekly Food Distribution Offered Through Assembly of God Church Plant

Fort Cinema,224 W 18th St, Fort Scott is the distribution site for free food for children under 18 years old, until August 18.

A new Assembly of God Church plant is receiving food to distribute to Fort Scott children under 18 years of age, until school starts in August. The food will be distributed at the Fort Scott Cinema.

Family Life Assembly of God volunteers will be distributing the food, with Grady Proffitt the facilitator here in Fort Scott.

“We have started a distribution that partners with Life 360 Church out of Springfield, MO,” said  Proffitt, who is planting a new church called Family Life Assembly of God in Fort Scott. “They have received government funding that is able to feed kids in communities that are ages 18 and under. They are serving the Southeast Kansas area places like: Baxter Springs, Galena, Girard, Garnett, Ottawa, Humboldt, Pittsburg, and Fort Scott. There might be more, but I know those cities for sure!”

“This partnership is not FLAG Church this is Life360 Church reaching out to our churches in our different communities,” he said.

“For us here in Fort Scott, they serve us every Thursday from 11am-12:30pm in the Fort Cinema parking lot. This will go until school starts with the last Thursday, August 18,” Proffitt said.

“This is for students and children ages 18 under,” he reiterated. “Supplies include lunches and dinners for each child. Milk, dry foods, canned foods, and some frozen meals. The only criteria is that each child must be in the vehicle to receive meal packages while supplies last.”

“This is not FLAG Church, this is Life360 Church out of Springfield, MO that is partnering with local churches to bless communities in the Southeast Kansas area. We are grateful for this opportunity to add to the needs of so many here in Fort Scott!”

Grady Proffit, is the Fort Scott Campus Pastor of Family Life Assembly of God.

To learn more about the church:

New Church Plant Starting in Fort Scott In September

For more information:


(620) 232-FLAG

Grady Proffitt is the Fort Scott Campus Pastor for Family Life Assembly of God. Pictured is his wife, Jacque and son. Submitted photo.

3 thoughts on “Weekly Food Distribution Offered Through Assembly of God Church Plant”

  1. First gathering at Fort Cinema I signed up to serve different areas. Have not heard or seen
    Information about Flag Church. Very excited opening Flag Church.

    1. Hello Jessica! I am so sorry about this. Unfortunately we ran out of meal packages by 11:45am today. They go quick, so we encourage to come early. The distribution truck arrives every Thursday at 11:00am, so come early and wait in line to receive meals. They great thing in this, as we have to turn people away, we can let the federal funding agency know how many people did not receive meals and they will send more meals the next week.
      We hope you come out next week!

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