Fort Scott Comes Out To Honor Combat Vets

City of Fort Scott Water Distribution Department employees Brady Coffman and Kyle Adams ready a flag in their truck Wednesday on Wall Street to welcome the veterans to town.

In spite of the rain, the people of Fort Scott lined the route from the airport through downtown Fort Scott, then east to the Adam and Jennifer LaRoche ranch Wednesday afternoon.

The route and patriotic welcome were for the combat veterans that the LaRoche’s will be hosting a turkey hunt in the next few days.

E3 Foundation, founded by Adam and Jennifer LaRoche, is partnering with Combat Warriors Inc. to host the turkey hunt for the military heroes.

The LaRoche’s asked the town to rally behind the entry into Fort Scott of the veterans,  to honor them.

On  Wednesday, April 25 at approximately 1:30 p.m. the veterans landed at Fort Scott Airport then headed to the LaRoche Ranch.

Cloudy skies and light rain prevailed, and some bystanders were downtown on the route by 1 p.m.  Temperatures were in the 50s.

Just before the convoy arrived downtown, the rain steadily increased.

That did not stop the bystanders from waiting to show their support for the veterans.

The Fort Scott Tourism Center and additionally, Stewart Realty had handed out American flags, while Captured Images Photography handed out patriotic posters to the community to hold in welcome to the veterans.

All of these added to the color to the welcome, in spite of the cloudy skies.

If you have a great photo you’d like to share of the convoy, please add it with a description of what is happening in the photo on the FortScott.Biz Facebook page.

Angela McKenney, Hilary Berry, Amari Berry, Roland Mills and little Jaeston Grant wait in the rain at Wall and Main streets to honor the veterans.
Julie Wright, Cathy Wuerdeman, Megan Felt, Bailey Lyons and the Shane Walker family line Wall Street to welcome the vets to town.
Rhuey Eden and her mom, Rachel Eden wait patiently for the veterans convoy to drive down Wall Street.
These Fort Scott Civil War re-enactors donned uniforms and horses to welcome the veterans to town Wednesday. From left Wyatt Keyes, Brett Dawson and Aaron Phillips.
Fort Scott National Historic Site employees wait for the veterans convoy to pass by on Wall Street. From left: Paul Goodman, Barry Geersten, Summer Porter,  Betty Boyko and Tiffany Durham. Behind them are the re-enactors on horses.
Fort Scott Police and Bourbon County Sheriff’s Office personnel signaled with flashing lights the beginning of the convoy.

The end of the convoy heads east on Wall Street to the E3 Ranch.


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