Candidates File for Primary Election: Change Coming For Bourbon County Government

The Vote Here sign sits in front of the north wing of the Bourbon County Courthouse, 210 S. National in 2018.

The Bourbon County Primary Election Day will be on August 6.

“Early voting will begin on July 29, to give everybody a week to come in early to vote,” Bourbon County Clerk Jennifer Hawkins said.

Five Bourbon County Government officials are seeking re-election this year.

And there is a shift in elected personnel.

Patty Love, the current Bourbon County Treasurer, has decided to retire and will not seek re-election this year, according to Hawkins.

“After much consideration, I have decided to run for Bourbon County Treasurer,” she said. “I spent five years working in the  Treasurer’s Office and feel my knowledge and experience are needed in that office.”

Love, Hawkins, and Bourbon County Chief Financial Officer Susan Walker have worked closely on county issues over the past few years, Hawkins said.

“We are making great progress within the organization, as evident by the good audits, however; I feel there is still more to accomplish, and I can help accomplish this by being Treasurer,” she said.

“Susan Walker, CFO, has played an integral part in my success as County Clerk and I feel she would be an excellent Clerk as she has 20 years of experience in human resources and municipal finance and government,” Hawkins said.

“Many do not know that Susan is a Certified Municipal Clerk through Wichita State University,” Hawkins said. “Given how well our offices have worked in the past I feel this will make for a smooth transition. Our plans are to create policies and procedures to ensure financial controls are in place for future elected officials.”

“By working together and developing policies and procedures there will be checks and balances in place and the need for a Chief Financial Officer can be eliminated potentially saving the wages of the CFO or reallocating the wages to other needs,” Hawkins said.

The following are the other incumbents and their challengers, with a short explanation of the duties of the office.


All three of the commissioner seats are up for re-election.

The current three County Commissioners, Clifton Beth (District 3), Jim Harris ( District 2), and Brandon Whisenhunt (District 1) have thrown their hat in the ring to serve again.

Those running against them are Clinton Walker, David Beerbower, Steven Houston, and Leroy Kruger.

The county commissioners are the chief elected officials of the county, according to the county’s website. They set policies and procedures for running the courthouse and set the budgets for all Bourbon County departments.

County Attorney

Tiara McElroy is not running again for Bourbon County Attorney and James Crux has filed for that position.

The county attorney is the prosecuting attorney for the county.

Register of Deeds

Register of Deeds Lora Holdridge has filed for the position again and no one filed to run against her.

The register of deeds keeps and records all deeds to property located in the county, according to the county’s website.  He/She maintains military discharge records and school records as well.

County Treasurer

Jennifer Hawkins and Michael Hoyt are running for county treasurer. Hawkins is the current Bourbon County Clerk.

According to the county’s website, the county treasurer collects and distributes all real and personal property taxes and is an agent for the Kansas Division of Vehicles for vehicle and title registrations.

County Clerk

Susan Walker, the current Bourbon County Finance Director, has filed for the Bourbon County Clerk position.

The county clerk is the county’s chief election officer who maintains voter registration and conducts all elections in the county, according to the county’s website.  He/she sets the tax roll and keeps records for the county as Freedom of Information Officer.


Sheriff Bill Martin filed to run again and is being challenged by Nelson Blythe.

The county sheriff is the chief law enforcement officer of the county, according to the county’s website.


To view all the state and other county filings provided the county clerk:

2024 Primary Election Candidates – Copy





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