Bourbon County Coalition Minutes of August 3

“The Bourbon County narcotics investigators presented an outstanding presentation,” Bourbon County Coalition Chairwoman Billie Jo Drake said . “It is amazing what a positive impact they have had on our county.”

“If you wish to present a program or know of a good program that would be beneficial for our group, please let me know,” she said.

Bourbon County Inter-Agency Coalition

General Membership Meeting Minutes


August 3, 2022



  1. Welcome:  Thirteen members representing twelve agencies and seven visitors attended the meeting.  Billie Jo informed the members that the Board had provided thirty family passes to the Fort Scott Aquatic Center which allowed eighty children to use the facility for the summer.  With the generosity of the City of Fort Scott, the passes cost the Board only $2,065.00.  She also mentioned that the process of changing the signatories on the bank account was taking longer than anticipated but should be finalized in the near future.


  1. Member Introductions and Announcements:
  • April Jackson, SEK Substance Misuse Prevention Coalition, shared pamphlets outlining the Coalition’s work; she also shared that they have been able to hire a second full-time employee who serves as the peer support navigator.
  • Elizabeth Schafer, CASA and Kiwanis, mentioned that CASA does not have nearly enough volunteers for the number of children in need.
  • Lisa Robertson, COPE, is working under a two-year grant to help create equity for everyone. She invited members to attend a planning meeting for the Local Health Equity committee to be held August 4 at 6:00 p.m.
  • Christine Abbott, SEKWorks, announced that the Fort Scott office will now be open five days a week; she also noted there are over 70,000 available Kansas jobs listed on the website.
  • Mandy Woods, Healthy Families, provided information on the services they offer for expecting moms and parents of newborns and provided members with hand sanitizer.
  • DeeDee LeFever, Community Liaison, Greenbush, was welcomed as a new member.
  • Tammy AlCantor, Crawford County Health Department, shared information on the Baby & Me Tobacco Free program, pre-natal classes, and the teen pregnancy program. She also announced that three Bourbon County residents that had completed the Tobacco Free program continued to be tobacco free!
  • Nick Johnson, Fort Scott PreSchool Principal, was welcomed as a new member. Nick shared that they have so far enrolled 104 students for preschool this year.
  • Vicki Wright, SEK Mental Health, was welcomed as a new member. She will be working with the marketing and promotional efforts of the Mental Health organization.
  • Sandra Haggard, RSVP, sent word that she helped the Housing Tenant Association with a service project where today they handed coloring books and games to Crystal Walker of TFI to use during family visitation.



  1. Program: Undersheriff Ben Cole introduced officers Steven Davidson and Alvin Metcalf who provided information on their current assignment of narcotics investigations.  Officers Davidson and Metcalf are grant funded; the goal for their grant is to deflect all drugs from coming into Bourbon County.  They noted that most all narcotics in the United States come from Mexico; also, that Highway 69 is one of the top 15 drug routes in the United States and Highway 54 is in the top five.   They also shared how they get information, what has to happen before an investigation or search, and what happens after an arrest is made.


  1. Open Forum:  There were no further announcements or discussions.


  1. Adjournment:  Next General Membership meeting will be September 7, 2022, at 1:00 p.m.

One thought on “Bourbon County Coalition Minutes of August 3”

  1. Are members of the community able to see this presentation from the narcotics investigator? Because from our perspective it’s only gotten worse. Would like to make sure funds aren’t being used irresponsibly. We also need to be sure you’re using healthy methods to give addicts access to sobriety and. Because sobriety is more than abstaining from drugs. A lot of social devients around here never used drugs in the first place. We need to have access to better mental health resources, drug and alcohol rehabs, domestic violence shelters, and access to jobs and healthy hobbies to fill our time. There’s nothing to do but crime and drugs, and police arrest people and keep em no longer than five days lol so no one ever learns their lesson. I’m so curious about the presentation, please. But looking at the roster past couple months, no big drug dealers. Just middle men and easy targets and weed.

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