Bill Brittain Thanks Congressman Watkins For Help On Former Mercy Building

Submitted by Bill Brittain.

Bill Brittain, left, shakes hands with U.S. House of Representative from Kansas, Steve Watkins. Submitted photo.


“On July 10, I was able to publicly thank Congressman Steve Watkins for his help on the Mercy facility.

The Congressman was in town Friday at the Nu-Grille (restaurant) for a small group discussion passing through for other stops for the day.

Several months ago I reached out to him and his office with an idea to save the  (former)Mercy Hospital facility.

After I reached out to them he sent one of his staff to meet with me.
His staff came to some of the meetings we set up with other people of interest such as the city, CHC, Via Christi and others. His office made contact with the person with Mercy headquarters and arranged a phone meeting between that person and myself along with the Congressman’s staff member.
They have searched for Government grants that might be of assistance for Bourbon County to use.
They opened doors that we could not get open and that is what allowed the process to move forward!

He and his staff have been instrumental with helping us get to where
we are today!

I would also like to thank the Bourbon County Commissioners for taking bold action by accepting the donation of the facility!

By doing so I believe we will ensure our community will have good healthcare options available in a nice facility for many years to come.

Our hope is to fill this facility with several healthcare options and I am in hopes that we will have hospital services at some point down
the road.

Jody Hoener, the Bourbon County Economic Director has also worked very hard in spearheading meetings, making contacts, and looking for grants.

It definitely, like many things, takes action from many but
without Congressman Watkins Office I don’t think we could have got the ball rolling!

5 thoughts on “Bill Brittain Thanks Congressman Watkins For Help On Former Mercy Building”

  1. I am so glad to hear that Bill Brittain reached out to Steve Watkins about our beautiful hospital. I, too, wrote to Mr Watkins, and also Jerry Moran, asking for any & all the help and any ideas they could give us in Fort Scott to keep this hospital. I’m glad to know I wasn’t alone.
    J Davis

    1. Thank you for taking the time to write people asking for help. Letters have an outsized impact and it is a great reminder we can all do our part to help our community.

  2. We need to continue to speak up for our community’s health care needs. Full speed ahead to get that third anchor tenant for the health care mall!

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