Amy Coney Barrett by Patty LaRoche

Patty LaRoche

A recent email exchange with 14 people involved the Supreme Court nomination of Amy Coney Barrett. Her Catholicism came into question as some writers were positive that she was pro-life and would fight to reverse Roe v. Wade. I responded that I know several Catholics who are voting for Joe Biden, even though he, a Catholic, is pro-abortion. That being said, the fact that Barrett has seven children (five biological and two adopted) makes me believe that she probably endorses laws respecting the sanctity of life. And so do I. I know someone who has had 3 abortions. To her, birth control is “such a pain.” I also know others who have aborted their babies and live in guilt for the rest of their lives. It is a haunting shame and one that therapy rarely can solve. Sadly, quick solutions seem to be the mode of our microwave, drive-through generation. Who wants to be inconvenienced?

If that “piece of tissue,” aborted baby had been you or me, how differently we might see this predicament. (And yes, I see the futility of that sentence, but hopefully you get the point,) A person I know recommended an abortion to his daughter. I asked if he considered that this “fetus” could be a future president of the United States or inventor of a cure for cancer or the most beloved janitor the school had ever seen. Former NFL quarterback Tim Tebow was recently at our son’s ranch here in Ft. Scott. His mother did not follow through with her thoughts to abort him, and because of that, he delighted dozens of military guests who spent an entire morning catching his passes, not to mention that his Christian faith has encouraged many who are persecuted for their beliefs.

If you watched the RNC, you heard Abby Johnson share how she joined the staff of Planned Parenthood to help women in crisis. Having experienced two abortions of her own, she wanted to offer support to those women who didn’t think they could care for their child. Planned Parenthood began to push her to be more proactive in selling abortions because “Abortion is how we make our money.” Her new quota was double the number of abortions at her clinic the previous year. A month later, Abby’s eyes were opened when she was asked to assist an abortion doctor to do an ultra-sound guided abortion. For the first time, she witnessed the bloody, violent business that takes a human life. “Nothing prepared me for what I saw on the screen,” Abby said. “An unborn baby fighting back, desperate to move away from the suction. And I will never forget what the doctor said next: ‘Beam me up, Scotty.’ The last thing I saw was a spine twirling around in the mother’s womb before succumbing to the force of the suction.”

Last year a relative became pregnant with a baby that had the Trisome 18 syndrome. She carried the little guy into the 5th month where it was diagnosed that he had no esophagus or stomach and only a fragment of a brain. It was her second miscarriage. Should the parents not be able to have a baby, how thrilled they would be to adopt one of those rejects…you know, those “inconveniences.” The numbers are staggering: Two million American couples want to adopt. (That’s 36 families for every one child placed for adoption.) As for the argument that abortion is necessary for rape victims, read the story of Lianna, a 12-year old rape victim who was told to have an abortion. When she asked the doctor if an abortion would ease her pain and help her forget about her rape, her doctor told her it would not. Lianna chose life and soon found that the love of her daughter replaced the pain of the rape. Google her story. It is a tremendous read. There have been 62,252,920 abortions since Roe v Wade, and I have to wonder how grieved God, the One who creates life, must be. The most amazing thing about this Life-Giver is that He’s also a merciful God who forgives those who call on His name, no matter how grave the sin. He is a Father none of us deserve.

I am so grateful that we serve a merciful God who understands the desperation of women who make a choice to abort a baby and offers forgiveness when they do.

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  1. Joe Biden is not pro-abortion. He is pro-a woman having the ability to make at least in some cases a horrible decision to end a pregnancy due to a very sad medical emergency. I had two very planned, very happy pregnancies. I am very lucky that I have lived a life that has never included being put in a position that some women are. Being lucky enough to be able to have seven children that will be easily afforded financially was also not something that I probably could have done. We can’t possibly walk in others’ shoes, and we should not easily throw out that someone is “pro-abortion”. I know in my heart I am not pro-abortion, but I certainly am not going to say I know the solution for all women and that the government does. Better education, better birth control and easier adoption regulations might all be solutions. Sadly enough, there will always be abortions. Working toward making sure any abortion is illegal and therefore more dangerous isn’t good for women who find themselves in a horrible situation. And, once again, Joe Biden is not pro-abortion, which I am also not. This is my stance and I am honest enough to sign my name.

    1. Joe Biden isn’t pro-abortion??? Oh that’s right – Biden is pro- CHOICE . Have you noticed that that group purposely does not word their slogan as “supporting a woman’s right to do as she pleases with the infant she is carrying”? No , Joe will not claim to be “pro-abortion” because that term sounds a bit too gruesome.

    2. In an alternative reality if someone stands up at the Democratic Convention and says they had an abortion because the timing of the pregnancy was inconvenient, you might expect to hear hushed silence or maybe some sounds indicating how hard that must have been. Unfortunately in our reality, you’ll hear people cheering that an unborn child had its life terminated because the mother didn’t feel it was a convenient time.

      If Biden is taking a different stance than his party on this, please do point me to a reference because I can’t find any evidence that he sees an abortion as something that is a last medical resort instead of a convenience. I think he may have felt as you do at some point but that is evidently not the case today.

  2. Good heavens! How has our society declined to the point where infanticide is now a “sad medical emergency”? And yes, Joe Biden does support abortion. He has pledged that, if elected, he will work to codify Roe v. Wade, and his Justice Department will do everything in its power to stop restrictions on abortion providers, parental notification requirements, mandatory waiting periods, and ultrasound requirements. Biden has also stated that he will return full funding to Planned Parenthood, the nation’s largest abortion provider. Biden’s own priest has said that Biden is not in good standing with the Catholic Church because of his pro-abortion activities. Furthermore, abide has stated “I am the Democratic Party,” and the Democratic Party supports abortion.

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