Union Building Update: Completion Date Now December 2020

The First and Main building as seen from National Avenue on Nov. 4, 2019.


The renovation of a  downtown late-1800s building has been at a standstill.


Work began in 2018 on the Union Building, at First and Main Street, and stopped for many months in 2019 and into 2020.


The inside was gutted and will be built back to make it into apartments, according to the developer.



“We replaced the  (first) contractor” Tony Krsnich, president and CEO of Flint Hills Holdings, told FortScott.Biz.



A new process began of moving forward on the project, he said.



Architects and engineers have been working on plans for the gutted Union Building for weeks,  Krsnich, said.




The three-story building is being converted into apartments for the general public and rent will be based on income, Krsnich said in a prior interview.



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“Architects and engineers work from their offices most of the time,” Krsnich said. “They’ve been on site along with subs every week for the past five weeks or so.”


Hans Thomas and Associates, K.C. MO are the architects, Agricultural Engineering Associates, Uniontown, is the civil engineer, Rau Construction, Overland Park is the general contractor, and Joe Towns, Lee’s Summit, MO is the structural engineer, Krsnich said.


The developer, Flint Hills Holdings, is located at 2315 W. 65th, Mission Hills, KS.


Completion of the project is expected to be in December currently, he said.



Union Building, First and Main streets, Fort Scott. June 2018, before inside demolition began.


One thought on “Union Building Update: Completion Date Now December 2020”

  1. Oh Boy, more LOW INCOME HOUSING,

    Ft Scott’s motto should be:
    Bring us your poor
    Bring us your jobless
    Bring us your welfare recipients
    Bring us your people looking for hand outs

    You just can’t build a prosperous town by filling it with poor people. You need to attract people with at least enough money to support themselves without assistance. And you do that by having attractions, jobs, housing, and entertainment that successful people want. Low income housing is NOT something successful people seek out, qualify for, or want to be anywhere near……

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