U234 Board Agenda for Oct. 11

October 11,2O21 Board Meeting at 5:30 p.m.
1. Open the meeting
2. Flag Salute
3. Considerconsent agenda (Action)
a. Minutes
Minutes 9-13-21.pdf
Minutes 9-20-21 1200.pdf
Minutes 9-20-21 1215.pdf
b. Bills and Claims
10-11-21 Bills-Claims.pdf
c. Payroll – September 1Z 2O2l – L,425,W.9O
d. Financial Report
10-11-21 Fin. Rept..pdf
e. Activity fund accounts
10-11-21 Act. Funds.pdf
f. FCCIA Fundraiser
10-11-21 FCCtA.pdf
g. Operations Guidelines Correction
An outdated copy of the USD 234 Operations Guidelines was placed in the minutes for August 9, 2021. This has been
4. Public Forum
5. Gaiting Criteria (Possible Action)
6. Operations Plan Update (Possible Action)
7- Fort Scott KNEA Report (lnformation)
8. Principal’s Reports (lnformation)
10-11-21 Preschool Report.pdf
10-11-21 WS Report.pdf
10-11-21 EW Report.pdf
10-11-21 MS Report.pdf
10-11-21 HS Report.pdf
9. Academic Director’s Report (lnformation)
10. Superintendent’s Report
11. Business Manager’s Report
12. ESSER Funds Update
13. September20,2O2L Enrollment Count Report
10-11-21 Sept. 20 Cou nt.pdf
14. Consider Emergency Operations Planlor 2O2L-22
15. Consider bus purchases
10-11-31 Bus Purchase.pdf
16. Consider audit contract with Diehl, Banwart, Bolton for the fiscal year endingJune 30,2O2l
10-11-21 Audit. pdf
17. Consider Workers Compensation quotes
18. Consider live streaming school board meetings
19. Fort Scott Mlddle School VIP Fall Extravaganza – November 22, 2O2L – S:OO to 8:00 p.m.
20. Board member comments
21. Executive session – to discuss personnel matters for nonelected personnel and to discuss employer-employee negotiations
22. Consideremployment
23. Discuss Memorandum of Understanding with KNEA
24. Adjourn

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