Eat Local: Nate’s Place

Customers enter Nate’s Place Restaurant on July 6 for lunch. Tomorrow, Tuesday, July 17, it will be opening at a new hour, 8 a.m.

Nate’s Place eatery,  750 S. National, is located in the southern mansion of the Lyon’s Twin Mansions.

The food and ambiance of the place set it apart from other restaurants in Fort Scott and now it is getting locally grown products from area farms to use in its’ recipes.

Delivery is twice a week of seasonal veggies from the Ponderosa Farm owners, Chet and Linda Bower.

Vegetables that include tomato, zucchini, squash, green peppers, cucumber, and onions have been used as part of the eatery’s menu since spring.

Later in the season, they will receive sweet potatoes, as well.

“Our oven-gilled veggies are all fresh, locally sourced produce,” Shawn O’Brien, manager at Nate’s Place said.

“Our sandwiches are amazing with fresh tomato on it,” O’Brien said.

On July 6 they started using fresh farm eggs from Natalie Snyder’s Happy Hen Farm.

“An over-easy (fresh) egg is much more stable on the plate,” O’Brien said.

Shawn O’Brien, general manager of Nate’s Place Restaurant, shows a plate full of locally produced grilled veggies that are available at the restaurant.

Nate’s Place eatery, 750 S. National Avenue is a hub for Fort Scott Bike-Share initiative. Pictured are two of the 10 yellow bikes distributed throughout the city for public use, for free. They can be checked out by showing a drivers license.
A poster at Nate’s Place depicting the Ritters, farmers who produce food products in the area. The poster was created by the Healthy Bourbon County Action Team along with Pathways Blue Cross/Blue Shield. It helps to publicize the  “eat local” campaign.
The menu of Nate’s Place.
The lunch/dinner menu at Nate’s Place.

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  1. Great article about a great place to eat! I wish we lived closer so we could eat here more often. We always enjoy the excellent food and the hospitality. Nate and everyone have put a lot of work into this and it shows. Looking forward to our next visit.

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