Letter to the Editor: Trevor Jacobs

Today, four of my colleagues and I have formulated a letter that has been sent out today.
We are trying to encourage our fellow Legislators to get on board and actually stand for individual liberty.
Some legislators have made excuses for why this will not work. Some say it will cost 60 to 65 thousand dollars a day to stand and defend the individual liberties of the people of Kansas. Sadly, are many of these excuses because they do not want to go back to work for us?
Still, all of these legislators who oppose this are the very same legislators who voted for the highest spending budget in Kansas history. This grew bigger government and shrunk our own private budgets. Yet they will not stand for our God-given liberties?
How can this make rational sense to anyone who is about ready to lose their job, their home, or their livelihood? It does not. Still, state leadership will not stand up and are also holding captive both legislative bodies.
There must be pressure put on those who claim to stand for Justice. We the people must remind these legislator holdouts that they swore to uphold the Kansas State Constitution and they swore to serve we the people and protect our individual liberties.
Let’s stand together for Liberty,
4th District
Trevor Jacobs

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