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FSCC Kids Fair April 14

The Fort Scott Community College Kid’s Fair  is from 9 a.m. to noon April 14 at Bailey Hall South Parking Lot.

“This event is sponsored by Fort Scott Community College  Community Relations Committee, we do it twice a year for the community kids just for fun and use it as a chance to get to know the community members,” Kassie Fugate-Cate, Director of Strategic Communications and Student Activities said.

Popcorn, cookies, drinks, games, and prizes will be offered.

“And of course, our teddy bear clinic sponsored by Student Nursing Organization (SNO),” Cate said. ” The kids bring their stuffed animals or dolls and they get a check-up like on ‘Doc McStuffins’.”

The event will be held in the south parking lot of Bailey Hall.

“We plan to have John Deere, our first responders, FSCC Cosmetology, FSCC STEM club, FSCC Athletics, and FSCC President’s Ambassadors present during the event along with FSCC SNO,” Cate said.

For more information contact Cate at 620.223.2700 ext. 5248 or


Practice Goes On

Brian Pommier, Fort Scott High School Softball Coach, speaks to the team following practice Thursday morning at Fisher Park.

The USD 234 school district is on spring break this week.

The Lady Tigers host a softball tournament Tuesday, March 27 against Spring Hill, Chanute, and Ottawa, according to the school calendar.

Coree Budd, the varsity softball manager, fills up the water cooler for Lady Tiger softball practice Thursday.

Fort Scott Preschool To Expand

The Fort Scott Preschool, at 409 S. Judson.

USD 234 is making preschool for students a priority, according to Nicki Traul, director of curriculum.

“We are very fortunate that students have many opportunities for preschool in Fort Scott,” she said.  “This initiative isn’t to compete with those other preschools.”

Many kindergarten students have not had any early childhood opportunities, Traul said.

“Our expansion is so that we can find those students and get them in a program,” she said. ” The district wants to see that every USD 234 child gets at least one year of preschool prior to starting kindergarten.  We need all the preschools in town to be able to do that.”

Traul is attempting to contact all preschool providers in town to establish an early childhood professional learning community.

“It helps us as a district to work with the other preschools,” she said.  “Why wouldn’t we want to help each other? ”

In an effort to collaborate with other Fort Scott preschools,  Traul has organized a meeting.

Invitations will be sent to area preschools for representatives to meet at 1 p.m. on April 12 in the Fort Scott Middle School Community Room.

Sandy Ellsworth, Greenbush Early Childhood Department, will facilitate the meeting.

The community is welcome to attend.

“We are excited at the opportunity to work with others in our community and the good that will come from that,” Traul said.  “Our students need to be our focus and our priority, as a community we need to support early childhood and help each other.”

The USD 234 preschool is located at 409 S. Judson, in back of the former middle school.

Traul said the USD 234 plan is to carve out classrooms from an existing gym at the preschool.

The gym is partially used for the cafeteria and storage currently.

Nicki Traul, USD 234 Director of Curriculum, tells about the expansion project of the Fort Scott Preschool in the pre-school gym, where the new classrooms will be located.
The Fort Scott Preschool gym is currently partially used for storage as well as the cafeteria.

Escape Room Event Comes To FSCC

Fort Scott Community College President’s Ambassadors have come up with a fun way to fundraise, and add an entertainment venue to the community.

“Last fall, Matt Glades, Jennalee Martin and I went to an escape room in Joplin,” Kassie Fugate-Cate said. All three are staff/faculty at the college.

“An escape room is an interactive game/puzzle where groups of people are locked in a room and have to solve puzzles and find clues to escape, all within 60 minutes,” according to  Newsweek Magazine.

Following the Joplin excursion, Glades proposed an idea to the Ambassadors of designing and implementing an escape room for fundraising, Fugate- Cate said. They agreed.

“He got them a room, they did the rest,” Fugate-Cate said.

“We began planning in August,” Haley O’Neal, an FSCC Ambassador said. “We just now got to the point to financially support it.”

The cost isn’t much, but a camera had to be installed in the room.

“We had to install a camera, which was $500,” O’Neal said. “Legally we had to be able to watch so there is no property damage (to the school).

“We did research on designing a room, (and) one of our Ambassadors had been through a lot of escape rooms,” O’Neal said.

The theme the group chose for their room is “Secret Agency.”

The lights are turned off the duration of the time in the escape room.

“Initially, someone must find the flashlight,” O’Neal said.

Waivers must be signed and fees paid 24 hours prior to the assigned time.

Prices are $5 for students and faculty/staff, $10 for community members. A team is comprised of up to five people.

The escape event is available Monday, Tuesday, and Friday from 6 to 8 p..m or by appointment.

Contact the admissions office at 620.223.2700 ext. 3520 or email for more information.

Participants must be at the escape room 15 minutes prior to their assigned time. If a time has been scheduled, no refund will be provided.

Several groups have spent time in the “Secret Agency” room for trial runs, Fugate-Cate said.

“The best time they have now is 30 minutes,” Fugate- Cate said.

The storyline will be changed periodically, Fugate- Cate said, to keep it interesting.

“I love that we are trying something new,” O’Neal said. “The Ambassadors are creating a fundraiser to do a fun day together later.”

O’Neal said the group has a plan to  Main Event Entertainment in Kansas City on April 14.