Bourbon County Coalition Minutes of Feb. 3

Bourbon County Inter-Agency Coalition

General Membership Meeting Minutes

February 3, 2021

  1. Welcome: Chairman Billie Jo Drake welcomed fourteen members representing twelve agencies. She made the following announcements:
  • The VA Fort Scott Shuttle service has been discontinued and is not expected to resume. Any local citizen with an interest in resuming the Fort Scott VA shuttle service should call Carl Jowers at 620.215.1688 for more information.
  • The Bourbon County United Way will soon provide a press release about upcoming items.
  • Due to recent changes in Red Cross protocol, there will be no local Red Cross calling committee. Anyone interested in making a donation needs to make an online appointment or respond to the call from Wichita to be guaranteed of being able to donate.
  • Until we are able to meet in person and have programs, agendas will not be created. If this is a problem for anyone, let Billie Jo know prior to the next meeting.
  • John will again set up a Zoom meeting for March 3. We will evaluate the Covid conditions each month to determine whether to continue Zoom or resume face-to-face meetings.
  1. Member Introductions and Announcements:
  • Elizabeth Schafer: Feeding Families In His Name continues to be carry-out only. Several other churches and organizations have agreed to help with the program; the Methodist Church no longer must be responsible for every week.
  • Cinda Reynolds, Red Cross: Cinda is now involved and quite busy with the ICCT: Integrated Care Condolence Team. She works virtually with people in both Kansas and Oklahoma.
  • Sandy Haggard, RSVP: Sandy, Dena Kemp, and Patty Simpson presented a Medication Safety seminar for fifteen participants on February 2 at the High Rise. Even with going through technical difficulties, it was a successful seminar.
  • Kathy Brennon, Prairie Ridge CDDO: If anyone with a disability has questions as to services Prairie Ridge can provide, check the website at
  • Michelle Worsley and Alice Leonard, SEK-CAP Head Start: They have openings and are accepting applications for both the Birth to Three and the Three to Five programs.
  • Michelle Stevenson, USD 234: She has been able to be in the homes of her clients by using masks and social distancing.
  • Nancy Van Etten, Red Cross: Red Cross desperately needs volunteers; interested persons should go to to sign up. At this point all activities are virtual.
  • Christine Abbott, SEKansasWorks: Office in Pittsburg should be open with regular hours beginning March 1. The Fort Scott office in the BWERC Center is open on Tuesdays and Thursdays. There is funding available for both the 16-24 and the adult programs. For more information, Christine’s cell number is 620-779-3727; she is in the Fort Scott office on Thursdays. Amy Kauffman is in the Fort Scott office on Tuesdays; her contact information is or 620-687-0462.
  • Mandi H-Woods, Children’s Service League: Taking referrals; contact
  • Patty Simpson, Fort Scott Housing Authority: A two-bedroom, handicapped accessible apartment is available now; some one-bedroom apartments will be coming available soon; however, there is a waiting list for those. If there is a need, Patty suggests getting on the waiting list.
  • Jeanne Camac, USD 235: Uniontown is able to have  face-to-face school with only a few doing virtual classes. At present no students in USD 235 in  7-12 grades are quarantined.
  1. Program (no programs for Zoom meetings)
  1. Open Forum: Nancy clarified for members that the Coalition Board still had funds available for clothing items; persons in need should apply through the Beacon.
  1. Adjournment: Next General Membership Zoom meeting will be March 3, 2021.

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