Young Entrepreneur: Brian Griffin

A wall inside Brian Griffin’s bike repair facility, Brian’s Backyard Bike Shop, located on Judson Street. Submitted photo.

This is the first in a series featuring young people who found a need and are seeking to fill it with a business venture.

To nominate local young entrepreneurs, send name, phone number/email to [email protected].

Brian Griffin: Bike Fixer

Fort Scott High School Student Brian Griffin, 16, loves all things bicycles.

Brian Griffin works on repairing a bike at his shop. Submitted photo.

” I began fixing bikes because I love bikes, I love to ride, build trails, tinker with bikes, ” Griffin said.  “I’ve even built three bikes from the frame up! It helps me relax in such a stressful world.”

“My training/ experience started at a young age of around eight, fixing chains, airing up tires and other basic stuff,” he said. “I didn’t really get into the hard depths of the hundreds of small parts and how to fix, replace, and maintain them until late 2017, thanks to the help of Frank Halsey and other bicycle enthusiasts!”


A business idea came from Halsey.

 “The idea first came to mind by a good friend and mentor Frank Halsey,” Griffin said. “He and I were talking back in the summer of 2017, about an operation to get small kid’s bikes going to make sure kids are on their bikes having fun, instead of finding trouble. I started to buy tools and extra parts and advertising that I’ll fix kid’s bikes for free, which is still in effect.”
Brian Griffin works on a repair with a youth. Submitted photo.
“Last year I came up with the name,” Griffin said. “Brian’s Back yard Bike shop or the Triple B. I chose this name because I started in my back yard. I have since upgraded to my own section of the building.”
Brian’s Backyard Bike Shop
“There are several ways that people can get in contact with me if they wish to do so,” Brian said. “My phone number is (620)215-2247. Or my Facebook page Brian’s Backyard Bike Shop. I’ll also have an Instagram for the shop soon!”
“Thankfully I’m conveniently placed only a few blocks (on Judson Street) away from some of the finest mountain bike trails in Kansas, at Gunn Park,” he said. “So if any anyone has trouble, I could even bring some of my bike shop to them!”
Editor’s note: I recently needed my bike repaired and Brian Griffin did an excellent job-Loretta George

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