Where Is Winnie?

Fort Scott Chamber of Commerce Administrative Assistant Allison Turvey holds Winnie the elf. ” Where is Winnie” is a promotion for local businesses.

Winnie the elf works for the Fort Scott Chamber of Commerce.

Her job is to encourage people to shop in Fort Scott.

“Where is Winnie” is the Facebook page where you can learn more about her.

“The goal is to get people to shop local businesses,” Allison Turvey, administrative assistant at the Chamber said.

Turvey “escorts” Winnie to one of the Chamber member’s businesses and places her there.

A photo clue is given on the  Chamber Facebook page: https://www.facebook.com/events/196009193830966

Participants can win a chance to enter a drawing for $100 in Chamber Bucks.

There are two ways to win a chance.

The first is to guess where Winnie is at and post the answer on Facebook.

The second way is to shop at the store Winnie visits then take a photo of your receipt and post it to the discussion board of the “Where Is Winnie” Facebook event page.

All receipts must come from shops where Winnie visited and be posted by December 15.

Each is one entry into the drawing for the $100 Chamber Bucks prize. The bucks can be spent at any of the 55 Chamber businesses.

Anyone unable to upload their receipt photos to Facebook may bring their receipts to the Chamber office, 231 E. Wall.

For more information, contact Turvey at 620-223-3566.

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