Westar Rate Decrease

Governor Colyer Responds to Westar Rate Decrease


Topeka – Governor Jeff Colyer M.D. thanked the Kansas Corporation Commission today for their unanimous decision to order pass along savings from the Tax Cuts and Jobs Act (TCJA) bill to Westar electric customers.


Earlier this year, Governor Colyer sent a letter to Kansas utility companies urging them to ensure that ratepayers saw a decrease in their utility bills from the tax cuts given to utility companies by the Federal Government. The settlement was unanimously approved today by the Kansas Corporation Commission for Westar customers to receive a reduction to their electric rates of $66 million dollars annually. That is the equivalent of approximately $3.80 per month for the average residential customer. In addition, Westar has agreed to provide a one-time credit of $50 million to customers representing the tax savings received by the company since the beginning of 2018 due to the TCJA.


“I am pleased that Westar and the KCC have settled on a rate decrease that passes savings on to our hard-working Kansans,” said Governor Colyer. “This action will allow businesses and families to stretch their dollars further thanks to actual savings on their monthly utility bills.”

Kansas City Power and Light, Kansas Gas Service, and other utility companies also have rate cases currently before the KCC that will consider the impact of the tax cuts to customer rates. An order regarding these companies’ utility rates will be issued by the KCC over the next several months.

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