WBE Primary Students Christmas Program

The annual West Bourbon Elementary School primary students Christmas program provided an enjoyable evening for area residents Monday night.

“Ring and Sing the Holidays” was the title of the program directed by music teacher Rhonda Allen. She acknowledged she had help from many school personnel and parent assistants.

WBE Music Teacher Rhonda Allen welcomes the crowd that filled the gym to watch the Christmas program.
The Singing Eagles Chorus sings “There Has To Be A Song”, to begin the Christmas program.
First grade students sing “Chime In.”
Kindergarten and first-grade students sing together in the annual Christmas program.
The nativity is portrayed by Catherine Cox as Mary, Adam Perry as Joseph, Scout Eden, David Hall and Liam Leighty as the kings, Zane Barbour, Cord Crystal and Levi Ervin as the shepherds, Charlee Phillips and Ella Snyder as the angels. The donkey was portrayed by Kaiddan Hathaway, the cow by Ibryanne Robinson, the sheep by Karsyn Woods and the dove by Kennedy Ermel.
Parents throughout the auditorium were capturing the performance of their loved one. This scene is from the play “A Place In The Choir”.
The dogs sing “It’s A Doggone Shame”.
Abbigale Brown portrays Mrs. Claus, Jordi Wolf the Happy Hound Dog and Mathew Knight, Santa Clause in this scene in the musical “A Place In The Christmas Choir”.
The cats sing “Christmas Cats” in this scene from the musical play “A Place In The Christmas Choir”.