Voter Registration in Conjunction With Downtown Sidewalk Sale This Weekend

Submitted by Michael J Hoyt, organizer.
This weekend in conjunction with the weekend downtown sidewalk sale, citizen organizers will have a blue tent set up at the corner of 2nd Street and South National Ave (former Shining Studio location) to assist anyone with voter registration. The deadline to register is October 13th to be able to vote in the November 3rd National Election.
Also, registered voters who reside within the City of Fort Scott can consider the PETITION FOR PLACING THE CHARTER ORDINANCE 31 ON THE BALLOT.
Additional information will be available for an understanding why consideration by the voters is critical for the improvements needed for our SEWER AND STORM SEWER RESERVE FUNDS to be used as set forth in the Kansas Constitution and not moved to the City’s general fund.
All visitors to the tent will be given a free personal copy of THE U.S. CONSTITUTION as a token of appreciation for your interest.

One thought on “Voter Registration in Conjunction With Downtown Sidewalk Sale This Weekend”

  1. We had an exceptional day collecting signatures to place on a ballot for the voters to decide that the SEWER AND STORM SEWER FUNDS will be remain in the City of Fort Scott budget for that purpose. Many Electors voiced their opinion “Our sewers are in serious need of repair and the City must stop moving the money around and not fixing things!”

    We are well on the way to the required number of signatures required to place this referendum on a ballot, but organizers will be available to collect signatures in front of the Fort Scott Post Office on Tuesdays and Thursdays from 11am to 1pm until Oct 13th. We can also assist with registering to vote until that date which is the deadline to vote in the National election on November 3rd.

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