Use of right of way limited to highway purposes



The Kansas Department of Transportation wants to remind the public that according to state law, all rights of way on state highways are to be used exclusively for highway purposes. KDOT has jurisdiction over all interstate, Kansas and U.S. routes on the state’s 9,500-mile system.


The violation that occurs frequently is the placement of various signs that are removed and taken to local KDOT offices. However, it is also unlawful for any persons to display on highway right of way outside the city limits any goods, wares or merchandise for sale.


One exception to this is the sale of farm or garden products, but these sales must be made exclusively at the entrance to the farm or garden where they were produced as long as the sales are conducted a safe distance from the traveled way.


Any other location of these sales violates state law and will be removed by KDOT and/or law enforcement.

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