USD234 Board Meeting Press Release for May 13

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DESTRY BROWN                                                                                                                                      Superintendent                                                                                                                                            




Monday, May 13, 2024


Members of the USD 234 Board of Education met at 5:30 p.m. on Monday, May 13, 2024, for their regular monthly meeting at the board office.


President David Stewart opened the meeting.


The board approved the official agenda with the change to District Cell Phone policy to be discussion only, and the consent agenda as follows:

Board Minutes

04/08/24 Board Minutes

Financials – Cash Flow Report

Check Register

Payroll – April 19, 2024 – $2,108,758.88

Activity Funds Accounts

USD 234 Gifts

Resolution 23-17 KMIP Signers

Resolution 23-18 – Account Signers

Tiger Club Fundraising

EW Book Fair Fundraising

Leadership Club Fundraising

EW Box Top Fundraising

FSHS Dance Team Fundraising


Zach Johnson & Matt Harris recognized Jannah Farrington and Danielle Cavin, both Special Education Teachers at Fort Scott Middle School. They were both thanked for countless hours that they put into their positions not only with paperwork and legal information but how much they care for the students. Both Administrators spoke very highly of each teacher and how each meets the needs of their students and collaborates seamlessly with staff and Admin.


Superintendent Destry Brown reported on an increase in enrollment for the end of the year. Also, explained about a Federal EPA Grant that the district will be applying for with various community partners. The Board will meet with Administration for a work evening.


The Board welcomed Terry Mayfield who will be Assistant Superintendent/Business Manager starting July 1, 2024.


Tonya Barnes, Special Education Director, reported the final revenue payment coming in June. She updated the board on ESY with sixty-six students attending this summer. Testing tools are being reviewed and hopefully will be updated soon.

The Board moved the district cell phone policy to discussion only and Tyler Slinkard, FSHS Speech and Debate Forensics Teacher, was present to discuss this policy.


The board approved the following items:

  • Five Year Professional Development Plan
  • Approval for Crossland as CMAR for Preschool building
  • FSHS Lunch Price Recommendation for 2024-25
  • 10 Passenger Van Purchase
  • New student devices for incoming 6th & 9th graders
  • Content Filter & Classroom Management Bid
  • Middle School Science Text & Resources
  • Instrument Lockers & Storage Bids – Melhart


The board went into an executive session for personnel matters.


President Stewart adjourned the meeting.















May 13, 2024




Anderson, Anna – Resignation – SPED Teacher – Eugene Ware

Bergmann, Mark – Supplemental Resignation -Assistant Debate & Forensics Coach – High School 

Casey, Hunter – 2nd Grade Teacher – Winfield Scott

Durnell, Suzan – Resignation – Instructional Coach – Winfield Scott

Forkner, Julie – Resignation – Preschool Intervention Teacher

Hall, Kathi – Supplemental Resignation – Assistant Summer Weights & Conditioning 

Hall, Laeci – Supplemental Resignation – Assistant Volleyball Coach – High School 

Hutchison, Brian – Supplemental Resignation – Assistant Football Coach – Middle School

Kegler, Terra – Supplemental Resignation – Head Volleyball Coach – High School 

Killion, Chelsea – Resignation – Paraprofessional – Winfield Scott

Kim, Anna – Resignation – 5th Grade Teacher – Eugene Ware

Ludeman, Sara – Resignation – Paraprofessional – High School

Martin, Jared – Supplemental Resignation – Assistant Football Coach 

Metcalf, Alvin – Resignation – Full Time Substitute 

McGehee, Sarah – Resignation – Paraprofessional – Preschool

Michaud, Jennifer – Resignation – Spanish Teacher – High School

Motley, Aubrionna – Resignation – Paraprofessional – Winfield Scott

Owenby, Bo – Retirement – Custodian – Eugene Ware

Regan, Nikki – Resignation – Special Education Teacher – High School

Specht, Alex – Resignation – Assistant Principal – High School

Weddle, Codee – Resignation – Paraprofessional – Winfield Scott



For the 2024-25 school year:


Deatsch, Erin – Kindergarten to 2nd Grade – Winfield Scott – 2024-25


Allen, Joe – Substitute Bus Driver to Full Time Bus Driver – 2024-25

Brown, Stacy – Food Service to Paraprofessional – Middle School – 2024-25




Certified Recommendations for the 2024-25 school year:

Hay, Marilyn – 9th Grade English Teacher – High School 

Hardesty, Tabitha – SPED Teacher – Eugene Ware – 2024-25

Howell, Carolien – 2nd Grade Teacher – Winfield Scott

Johnson, Jeff – Assistant Principal – High School – 2024-25

Knopp, Mackenzie – FACS Teacher – High School 

Prine, Amanda – 2nd Grade Teacher – Winfield Scott 

Wilcoxen, Travis – Special Education Teacher – Middle School

Williams, Courtney – 5th Grade Teacher – Eugene Ware

Classified Recommendations for the 2024-25 school year:

Baublitz, Christina – Paraprofessional – Winfield Scott

Coffman, Quita – Food Service – Middle School 

Elton, Martin – Kitchen Manager – Winfield Scott

Guss, Stewart – Substitute Bus Driver 

Supplemental Recommendations for the 2024-25 school year:

Martin, Dave – Assistant Girl’s Swim Coach 

Schnichels, Laryn – Assistant Cheer Coach – High School


Summer School Recommendations

High School

Clark, Erica – Teacher

Felt, Carson – Teacher

Harper, Amy – Teacher

Mayberry, Polly – Teacher

Robinson, Justin – Teacher

Rogers, Jaimie – Teacher

Tally, Jenna – Teacher

Middle School

Ables, Andrew – Teacher

Claypool, Tammy – Teacher

Hall, Dakota

Homan, Tracy (1st two weeks)

Messer, Kari – Teacher

Short, Samantha (last two weeks)

Middle/Elementary Shared

Bin, Angela – Teacher

Chaplin, Lisa – Teacher

Nelsen, Lori – Teacher


ESY Summer School Recommendations

SPED Teachers

Kassie Cate, Sierra Sprague, Danielle Cavin, Billi Jo Shoemaker, Jannah Farrington, Aubri Motley, Ashley Taylor


Nissa Dinneen, Matt Crank, Michael Freeze, Tabitha Hardesty, Joan Page, Jordan Guss, Becky Lee, Erin Campbell, Jenny Pryor, MeKenna Lord, Kayla Purdy, Susanne Cosens, Lena Phelan, Sara Schnichels, Rhonda Perkinson, Heather Metcalf, Julius Hodges, Kathryn Ogle, Mckayla Vincent, Laryn Schnichels, Dennis Denigan, Alicia Craig, Corinna Johnson


Classified Renewals: Preschool, Winfield Scott, Eugene Ware, Middle School, High School, Tech Team, Kitchen Staff, District Office, Transportation Staff, Transportation Subs














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