USD 234: Class of 2017

Unified School District 234 recognized more than 110 high school seniors during their graduation ceremony at Frary Field Saturday night.

“Graduating from high school is a momentous occasion,” Principal Shawn Thomas addressed the students, later adding, “I am proud of you. I look forward to watching you, hearing about you, reading about you, because I know you will succeed in whatever endeavor lies ahead of you.”

Class president Emily Cotter congratulated her fellow seniors—recognizing the times they fell yet still got back up, and their chance to create their own path moving forward without the comfort provided by the support of parents and others.

Thomas encouraged the students to do three things as they move forward; remember their years of high school, appreciate all that was done so they could succeed and anticipate what struggles and opportunities lie ahead.

Fort Scott Community College President, Alysia Johnston, gave the commencement address and urged the students to continue their education, whether formally in a college setting or informally in a continuous process of learning.

“Education and learning are truly lifelong endeavors,” Johnston said, encouraging the students to try new things and investigate in order to find the major or career they are interested in.

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