Uniontown Music Students Entertain The Community

A large crowd listened to Uniontown Junior/Senior High Band and Choir students perform the annual winter concert Friday evening.

The junior high choir is under the direction of music instructor Rhonda Allen.

The sixth-grade band, junior high band, and the high school choir are under the director of music instructor Neva Rowland.

Principal Mark Calvin welcomes the crowd that filled the Uniontown High School Gymnasium Friday evening for the junior/senior high winter music concert.
The sixth-grade band played “Hot Cross Buns”, “Merrily We Roll Along” and “Good King Wenceslas”.
The sixth-grade band is directed by the teacher, Neva Rowland.
Allison Chamberlin and Skyler Coulter play the drums accompanying the junior high choir performing “Wade In The Water.”
The junior high choir sing “Rise Up, Shepherd and Follow”, under the direction and accompanied by teacher Rhonda Allen.
Junior High Choir Teacher Rhonda Allen tells the audience how proud she is of the progress of the students.
The junior/senior high choir sing “Sleigh Ride” directed by teacher Neva Rowland and accompanied by teacher Rhonda Allen.
Donavan Beerbower and Emily Vallely perform solos during the song “Sing On! Dance On!” with the high school choir.
The senior high choir sing “Benedictus” directed by teacher Neva Rowland.
The junior high band play “Theme From the 1812 Overture.”
The junior high band play “A Classical Canon.”
Music teacher Neva Rowland gave some history of each of the music selections prior to the student’s performance
The high school band performs “At Mornings First Light.”
The high school band gets ready to perform “Trails Of Glory”.

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