UHS Football Season: Rough Start

Adelay Martin. Submitted photo.

The Uniontown Eagles have had a rough start to their football season. Friday, September 4th’s game was cut into two parts due to weather concerns.

The second half of that game was played the following Monday, the 6th.

Treden Buckman lead in rushing that game, with 79 yards. Andrew Buckman followed with 45 yards. Andrew also led in passing for that game with 35 yards. Brycen Stewart, Korbin Miller, Byron Fry, and Matthias Johnson each had 1 knockdown during the game. The ending score on Monday was 7-22.

Last Friday, saw Wabaunsee travel the long four hours to our home field.

Treden rushed 39 yards and Joey Marlow rushed 23 yards. Korbin Miller had 4 knockdowns, and Byron Fry and Colby Hueston each had 3. The game ended 6-17.

No coaches were available for comment, but the players are eager to keep morale up and turn this season around.

-Adelay Martin, UHS Sports Media Reporter

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