U234 Board of Education Special Meeting Agenda March 27


MARCH 27, 2023 – 5:30 P.M.



1.0       Call Meeting to Order         

Danny Brown, President


2.0       Flag Salute


3.0       Funding Options & FSHS HVAC and Energy Project


3.1       Resolution No. 22-12 & Bond Documents (Action Item)


Be it resolved a Resolution of the governing body of Unified School District No. 234, Bourbon County, Kansas (Fort Scott) determining the advisability of financing the acquisition, and installation of certain energy conservation measures by the execution and delivery of a lease purchase agreement certificates of participation, Series 2023, in such lease purchase agreement.


 3.2      Contract with TRANE (Action Item)


4.0       Approval of Bids for Vehicles (Action Item)


5.0       Change of Last Day of School (Action Item)


6.0       Other Business – Personnel Matters


6.1       Enter Executive Session – Personnel Matters (Action Item)


6.2       Exit Executive Session


6.3       Approval of Personnel Report (Action Item)



7.0       Adjourn Meeting

                        President Brown


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