Trailblazers: Discovery and Exploration

Thursday morning Trailblazers practice a play to be performed for their parents, on Friday. The Fort Scott National Historic Site Youth Engagement Team helped with the program.

The Fort Scott National Historic Site’s Trailblazer Program ends August 10.

During this workshop, children were introduced to the National Park Service mission of caring for the nation’s natural and cultural heritage, according to the Fort Scott National Historic Site website:

They searched for treasure in a mock archaeological dig, explored the prairie, and discovered methods used to preserve the buildings and artifacts of the fort. The students engaged in living history, learned flag protocol and worked on a play that they will present at the end of the week.  Also, there were green activities that taught children how to use resources wisely.

Fort Scott National Historic Site Ranger Ryan O’Connell takes a photo of the Trailblazer Camp participants Thursday morning. From left: Kaylee, Ana, Jordan, Jubilee, James, Nate, Timothy, Jude, Aiden, and Althea.

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