Tiny Houses For Rent at Old KOA Campground

Tiny houses are the rage on TV shows, and a local investment corporation has jumped on the band wagon.

Six tiny houses, ranging from 375 to 600 square feet, have been built on the former KOA Campground at 215th and Native Roads, just north of Hwy. 54.

“We have four (tiny house)  floor plans, all have room for four people,” said Pat Wood, who is the contact person for Yellow Brick Road Investment, owners of the property.

“One-half (the tiny houses) will be long term (rentals), one-half will be Airbnb (vacation rentals),” he said.

“They are super efficient,” Wood said. “The electric bills have been about $40 per month since December. We will provide trash, lawn and housing maintenance. All are one-bedroom with lofts.”

“I think younger people will be interested in it,” he said. “It’s not an apartment, but a little more private.”

Wood has used local demolition contractor Johnny Walker for items that have been used on the tiny houses.

“We have reclaimed items…sliding doors, interior trim, kitchen backsplashes,  shower surrounds, the majority of vanities and mirrors,” he said.

The name of the property is Crosslands Camping and Cabins.

“This property was neglected for many years before I got involved,” Wood said. “Little by little, we have been cleaning it up.”

“But we needed to generate some income,” he said.

“In 2016 I did a tiny house on wheels, Kevin (Stark) saw that,” Wood said. “It was his idea to build tiny houses out here. It’s a 50/50 partnership. Kevin owned the property for quite a while, I bought in two years ago.”

Wood is a member of the corporation called Yellow Brick Road Investment, with Kevin Stark as the president.

Wood can be reached at 620-224-7163.

Work began on the project in March 2018, and should be completed soon, Wood said.

There are also 54 sites for camping on the property, in a different area.

“Next, we plan to do some more work at the campground and get the clubhouse fixed up,” Wood said.

A pictorial view of a few of the tiny houses are below:

The tiny houses are located at the intersection of 215th and Native Road, north of Fort Scott.
Five of the six tiny houses are shown on March 14. They are projected to be finished in the near future, Wood said.
Pictured is the largest floor plan, 600 square feet, on the left, and the smallest, 375 square feet, on the right.
Mike Chipman, a sub-contractor, puts finishing touches on the largest of the tiny houses on March 14. Shown is the kitchen area, with the bedroom and bath to the left.
The kitchen/living room of the largest tiny house.
The bathroom of the largest tiny house.
The majority of shower surrounds, vanities, interior trim, kitchen back-splashes were reclaimed for use in the tiny houses.
The bedroom of the largest tiny house.
A kitchen booth with chandelier and a reclaimed barn-type door are featured in the smallest tiny house pictured.
The door to the bedroom and bathroom, with a loft above in the smallest tiny house.
The kitchen of the smallest tiny house.
The bathroom of the smallest tiny house.
A pass-through closet leads to the bathroom in the smallest tiny house.
The unique shower surround in the smallest tiny house.

3 thoughts on “Tiny Houses For Rent at Old KOA Campground”

  1. Love the idea!! How about keeping that for “Young People “ & Opening a Senior Community Of them in the OLD Trailer Court area you are trying to sell?!? I witnessed the Senior Communities in Arizona & they are Fantastic for our Aging Community…..

  2. Real good idea, makes good use of the land. Tami your idea would be a real good idea. If I was looking for somewhere to live that type of setup would be good. But I’m happy in my apartment, having younger people in another area would be good ass well. Keep the seniors in one area and younger in another is a real good idea.

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