Timken to Close Operations in Fort Scott In 2025

Timken is located in Fort Scott’s Industrial Park on the city’s south side.

The Timken LLC Plant at 4505 Campbell Road in Fort Scott’s Industrial Park will close in 2025, according to a press release from Timken Media Relations Spokesman Scott Schroeder.

“Today, we notified employees at our belts facility in Fort Scott, Kan., that we will be gradually winding down operations there and plan to close the plant in 2025,” he said. “While difficult, we’re making this change to streamline our operations and restructure our manufacturing footprint to better compete in a global market.”

“We will provide support to help those employees affected by this change, including on-site counseling, benefits planning and retention and severance pay. We wanted to be transparent and provide as much time as possible so employees can plan for their future,” he said.

“We’re committed to providing at least 60 days notice before an employee’s last day,” he said.

Approximately 155 employees work at Timken’s  Fort Scott facility.

Timken engineers and manufactures bearings and industrial motion products…to help global industries operate more efficiently, according to the Timken website.


3 thoughts on “Timken to Close Operations in Fort Scott In 2025”

  1. if you have ever worked in this plant,you know how intertwined each process is.you can not remove one part without effecting all the rest bliud-cut wrapping,skiving,curing,stock spliting,inspection and shipping are all dependent on each other.without one the rest die. this closing will happen faster than most except it too.

  2. This is a nice short article. It could really be spiced up a little bit by mentioning the fact that they’re already in the process of moving those jobs to Mexico.
    They could also do more interviews other than just the Timken corporate representative. Maybe then they could add some more details like how Timken just changed the vacation policy so now they don’t have to pay the vacation they owe the employees.
    Just a little more elbow grease could make this article a much better read.

    1. Henry to have any more comments on this website, a correct full name and correct email address must be put to it, for transparency.
      Those contacted at the local Timken plant were not willing to comment. The corporate office was.

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