Starlite FCE Minutes of Sept. 16

The September meeting of Starlite FCE was held on the 16th at the Yeager building on the Bourbon County Fairgrounds.  The meeting was called to order by President Glenda Miller. The Flag Salute and Club Collect was led by Joyce Allen


The minutes of the previous meeting were read and approved.  Twelve members were in attendance.  They reported that they had recycled 225 pounds of paper and had five volunteer hours.


Doris Ericson presented the treasurer’s report.  Karen Peery announced that the Council will meet on Monday.


Glenda Miller reported that the baskets for the First Responders had been delivered and were a big success.  She also announced that Fall Follies will be October 19th in Bronson.  The program will be on Bee’s.


Deb Lust reminded the Club about our upcoming collection for Preferred Living, which is totally funded by donations.


New Business consisted of selecting a candidate for Heart of FCE award.  Terri Williams nominated Doris Ericson; Jackie Warren seconded the motion.  Terri Williams moved that the nominations cease, Letha Johnson seconded the motion.  Doris Ericson was elected to be our Heart of FCE candidate for 2021.  Glenda also announced that our yearly reports are due into the county office by December 1st.  Our November project will be making bags for Veterans.  Glenda Miller passed a sign-up sheet for items to be placed in the bags and brought to the next meeting.  Glenda also announced the lessons for the upcoming year.


The Club wished Letha Johnson a happy birthday.


Joyce Allen moved the meeting be adjourned, Helen Carson seconded the motion, motion carried, meeting adjourned.


After the meeting Terri Williams presented the program Under Pressure- Meals in Minutes.  The lesson was on how to use and Instant Pot and its advantages.  Refreshments of BBQ chicken sliders, rice pudding and apple crisp prepared in an Instant pot, mints and water was provided by Claudia Wheeler and Terri Williams and enjoyed by all.


Prepared by

Terri Williams

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