Starlite FCE Minutes of Dec. 17


Starlite FCE held its December meeting on the 17th at the Yeager building on the fairgrounds.  President Glenda Miller called the meeting to order.  Joyce Allen led the club in reciting the Pledge of Allegiance and the Club Collect.  The eleven members in attendance reported twenty-five and a half volunteer hours and that they had recycled 115 pounds of paper.


The minutes of the previous meeting were read and approved.  Glenda Miller announced that Helen Carson will be one of our County Counsel representatives, she also informed us of information she had received from Joy Miller.


It was announced the Marge Stringer had passed and that her visitation will be on Sunday.  Karen Peery moved that we donate $25 to her Memorial Fund and do the same for any other member that passes.  Joyce Allen seconded the motion, motion carried.


Before the meeting, the members assembled gift bags decorated as reindeer for Tri-Valley.  Each bag contained a pair of socks, gloves, a Christmas mug, an ornament, fruit snacks, rice crispy treats, popcorn a candy cane, and a Christmas card.  Cards were also signed for Clarice Russell and Nolene Whiteside.


Deb Lust moved that the meeting be adjourned, Helen Carson seconded the motion, meeting adjourned.


Club members enjoyed a variety of finger food provided by members.


Prepared by

Terri Williams

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