Starlite FCE March 2023 Minutes



The Starlite FCE held it’s March meeting at the Yeager Building on the Fairgrounds.  President Glenda Miller called the meeting to order.  Joyce Allen led the club in reciting the Pledge of Allegiance and the Club Collect.  Eleven members were in attendance and reported that they had volunteered for thirty-four hours and had recycled three hundred and ten pounds.


The minutes of the previous meeting were read and approved.  Doris Ericson gave the treasurer’s report.  Karen Peery presented the Council report.  She announced that the Area Recognition Day will be April 18th in Humboldt, the Aging with Attitude will be April 28th in Parsons, and the Spring Social will be May 4th.


Glenda recognized Ida Ford and Claudia Wheeler for their birthdays.  It was also announced that the Program “Herbs, Plant to the Plate” will be held April 6th at 12:00 at Buck Run Community Center, presented by Krista Harding, and Clara Wicoff.


Old business consisted of putting together the Easter eggs for Tri-Valley and the gift basket for Jack Jackson.  Glenda announced that Jack would be presenting the lesson on men’s heath to the Uniontown Ruritan Club.


New business consisted of putting together a team for Walk Kansas which will start March 26th and run through May 20th.  Our team consists of Glenda Miller, Letha Johnson, Karen Peery, LeAnna Taylor and Brian and Terri Williams.  A motion was made by Deb Lust for Starlite to donate $50 to open class as Fair premiums.  Joyce Allen seconded the motion, motion carried.  Letha Johnson moved that we donate $40 to 4-H for Fair premiums, Joyce Allen seconded the motion, motion carried.  Betty Johnson moved that Starlite make a Scarecrow and a hay bale for the fair, Deb Lust seconded the motion, motion carried.


Doris Ericson moved that the meeting be adjourned, Karen Peery seconded the motion, meeting adjourned.  After the meeting Deb Lust presented the lesson on Container Gardening.

Refreshments of a Lime dessert, mints, nuts and water was provided by Doris Ericson and Deb Lust and enjoyed by all.


Prepared by

Terri Williams

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