St. Mary’s Catholic School Receives SPARK Grant

St. Mary’s Catholic School
St. Mary’s Catholic School has received SPARK funds to provide laptops for students and increased technological capabilities. along with a small transportation bus.
The Strengthening People and Revitalizing Kansas (SPARK) Taskforce is leading Kansas forward in recovery from the far-reaching effects of COVID-19, distributing funds provided from the U.S. Coronavirus Relief Fund, according to its’ website
St. Mary’s students enjoy lunch outside as an aid to social distancing at the school..Submitted photos.


“We will use the money to buy laptops for our students to use at school and also to be used at home if we were to be shut down again by the state,” Principal Josh Regan said.  “We will also be purchasing new laptops for our computers with software upgrades that are capable of bringing remote learners, who have been required to isolate or quarantine, into our classroom via Zoom.”
Josh Regan. Submitted photo.
Cameras and WIFI access
 ” We have purchased Swivl cameras to make that experience more seamless and interactive for remote learners with SPARK FUNDS as well,” he said. ” We are also updating our WiFi access points throughout our school to accommodate more devices on the system.”
Purchase of small bus
“We were given funds to assist in the purchase of a small bus for the school, based on transportation needs and difficulties especially due to COVID,” Regan said.

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