Some Legislators Asking Governor to Lower Number of Mandates

On Oct.15, 2021, 19 Legislators from across the state of Kansas petitioned Governor Kelly, according to Kansas statute, in calling for a special session to help save Kansans from unnecessary mandates.
“Kansans are hurting and it’s time the legislature steps in to pass a bill to protect the people from vaccine mandates, mask mandates and other egregious overreach from government, businesses, organizations & schools” says Ellinwood Senator Alicia Straub, the bearer of the petitions to the governor’s office today.
Kansans are losing their jobs at an alarming rate having to choose between moral principle or unjust overreach from private companies as well as government agencies alike.
Although Biden has not formally come out with an executive order requiring such, companies are already intruding on Kansans personal liberties.
“It’s a sad day when our own Republican leadership sends out emails discouraging Republican lawmakers from signing on to a constitutional petition that would help save the people’s jobs. Our intent in bringing this petition is to unite and stand with the people of our state according to the oath that we took to protect and defend. My loyalty isn’t with any party, it’s with Liberty to do my job as the Representative from District 4,” Representative Trevor Jacobs, Fort Scott, said.
The petition calls for an October 18th, 2021 start date. Although the petition falls short of the 2/3 required for the Governor to call a special session, the group hopes that Kelly will also realize her duty to defend and protect regardless of political lines and choose to move forward on her own accord with a special session.
The first special session was called in 1874 due to a grasshopper plague and has occurred 23 times since. The organizers of this petition believe that according to the historical account of the seriousness of previous special sessions, this is also one of those precarious times in history.
Special sessions can only occur one of 2 ways. If the Governor calls for it or if 2/3 of the Legislature petition the Governor to call for it. Today, marks the first time in history that members of the Legislature have petitioned the Governor to step in.
While the organizers of this petition are disappointed that more Legislators didn’t sign the petition, they are hopeful that this line in the sand sparks citizens from across Kansas to pay attention. “We need to do our jobs. It’s as simple as that. The federal government is out of control. It’s time that we have courage and remind them that we give the Feds their power, not the other way around,” Representative Tatum Lee, Ness City said.
A bill that Dr. Mark Steffen, a Hutchinson Senator has crafted is ready to be heard should this special session convene. The Patriots Freedom Bill would protect Kansans personal health freedoms.
The only physician in the group, Steffen, added in, “While I am a big proponent of smaller government, when a government or business steals a person’s individual rights by forcing them into a medical procedure that is experimental and unproven, I’m going to stand up and say NO.”
The signers of the petition include the following:
District 1: Dennis Pyle
District 10: Mike Thompson
District 12: Caryn Tyson
District 13: Richard Hildebrand
District 15: Virgil Peck
District 24: J.R. Claeys
District 33: Alicia Straub
District 34: Mark Steffen
House of Representatives
District 1: Michael Houser
District 4: Trevor Jacobs
District 38: Timothy Johnson
District 41: Pat Proctor
District 62: Randy Garber
District 73: Les Mason
District 80: Bill Rhiley
DIstrict 82: Jesse Burris
District 113: Brett Fairchild
District 114: Michael Murphy
District 117: Tatum Lee

2 thoughts on “Some Legislators Asking Governor to Lower Number of Mandates”

  1. I hope the Governor will call a special session. I agree with these legislators who have stepped up to protect our freedoms. People need to choose if they want to get the vaccine and mandating the vaccine is only making it more difficult for healthcare to be provided and for businesses to operate safely.

  2. Should say, “The signers of the petition include the following level-headed, practical patriots who actually care about their constituents, put Kansans first and are willing to put their signatures and reputations on the line in doing so”

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