Several Kansas Editors Give Support to Governors Delay Order

Editorial Boards Across Kansas Agree Governor Laura Kelly’s School Delay Order is Right Decision

Kansas City Star, Wichita Eagle, Hutchinson News editorial boards voice support


Reopening of Kansas schools delayed as Gov. Laura Kelly imposes COVID-19 common sense

The Kansas City Star

July 15, 2020


Key Quote: “Parents, students and teachers should breathe a sigh of relief, albeit 6 feet apart, after Gov. Laura Kelly Wednesday sagely delayed the reopening of Kansas schools until after Labor Day. Throwing school doors open a month or less from now seemed highly improbable, and certainly reckless during the state’s current spike in coronavirus cases.”


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We all want Kansas kids back in school – but this pandemic has other plans

The Wichita Eagle

July 16, 2020


Key Quote: “Gov. Laura Kelly’s plan to delay the start of school recognizes that simple fact: As local coronavirus cases continue to surge and Wichita-area hospitals warn that they’re nearing capacity with COVID-19 patients, we can’t just pretend everything’s OK. The governor’s plan to keep schools closed through Labor Day would allow districts to hone plans and communicate them to employees and families.”


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Editorial: If you want schools open, follow guidelines

The Hutchinson News

July 16, 2020


Key Quote: “Gov. Laura Kelly has stepped up yet again to do what’s right for Kansas. In deciding to delay the opening of state schools by three weeks, Kelly made clear what other politicians are reluctant to say. The pandemic isn’t over. It’s not even declining. In Kansas, and in many other states, it is actually gathering strength.”


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2 thoughts on “Several Kansas Editors Give Support to Governors Delay Order”

  1. The state should offer financial incentives for homeschooling from now on. There are many advantages to this as a policy. For example,
    this will alleviate the population density of the classrooms and enable the schools to do a more effective job in slowing the spread of the virus.
    It would also encourage parents to provide continuing education to their homebound children.
    Think of it as another form of a “no child left behind” action.

    1. Fortunately, the cost of homeschooling is minimal because of how much stuff is freely available on the Internet. And if you want to pay a bit of money, there are any number of great curriculums out there.

      If you are looking for government schooling to do in your home, there are charter schools in most states that do just that.

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