Walmart Donates Plants To Community Endeavors: Volunteers Needed To Plant

From left: Brian Gillespie, Walmart Lawn and Garden Department Manager; Kristi Maycumber, Walmart Claims Supervisor and Alison Leach, community volunteer and an administrator of the Community Resources of Bourbon County Facebook page, stand in front of the donated plants. Submitted photos.
 Walmart Fort Scott had excess seasonal plants at this time of year they needed to get rid of.
 Walmart Claims Supervisor Kristi Maycumber, follows a group on Facebook, Community Resources of Bourbon County, administered by Alison Leach, Allen Schellack and  Kate Sweetser.
“When the garden department said they needed to get rid of perennials and annuals, I thought of Alison,” Maycumber said. We got a hold of Alison, she’s been trying to do some things for the parks (in Fort Scott).”
“Kristi Maycumber contacted me…on Tuesday, July 15th, from Walmart, regarding the opportunity to donate annuals and perennials to the community,” Leach said.
Leach began to search for those areas in the county that might benefit from the donation.
 “Gunn Park and Fort Scott bike trails entrances have been identified as an area for the donation,” Leach said.  “In a collaborative effort, I reached out to Fort Scott Garden Club, Barbara McCord, as they plant and maintain the downtown area and  (swimming) pool garden.  Their club will be identifying areas and choose selections from this donation. Nancy Holt, with the Uniontown Garden Club, was also contacted regarding the donation and any areas of need,  they declined at this time.”
“The total retail amount (of the donation) with 75% discount (the plants were on sale) is $1217,” Leach said.
Alison Leach, left, and Kristi Maycumber unloaded the plants in Leach’s back yard. Leach will keep them watered until they can get in the ground, with donated help.


Now, Leach said, volunteers are needed to get the donated plants in the ground.
“We would be very interested in volunteers to plant,” Leach said.    “Our challenges are that, with the heat, hard soil and lack of water accessibility, it can appear overwhelming.  However, we would like to stay positive and think of the long term benefit of highlighting our community settings with these donations.”
To volunteer, Leach can be reached at 620-215-2523.
Leach started the Community Resources of Bourbon County Facebook page on March 17, 2020, at the beginning of the COVID 19 pandemic.

“Many people were contacting me via (Facebook) Messenger asking questions,” she said.  “I referred them to the Bourbon County Health Department and City of Fort Scott Facebook page, however, the messages kept coming.  I created the page and then asked a few people to assist in replying.”

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