Schwalm Family Continues Thanksgiving Meal to the Community

Marjory Schwalm has been preparing a Thanksgiving meal for the community for 27 years. She and her some of her family, about 25 people, show up to help her.

Thanksgiving Day all family members help in different ways: some cook, some assemble the foods in take-away containers, some help with the delivery, then there is clean up.

This year they will continue the drive-through or delivery service for their Thanksgiving meals.

There is no charge for the meals, she said.

Most years, she gets enough in free will donations to cover all the supplies.

The family serves out of the Elk’s Club building at 119 W. 19th,  with Elk Club members helping to deliver the meals.

Thanksgiving day, her son, stands at the east side door and partakers line up in their cars inside the orange cones that direct traffic to the pick up site.

“People drive up and tell how many meals are needed,” she said.

They also deliver meals.

“We send a lot to the high rise apartments,” Schwalm said.

“There are a lot of one-to-two people families that can’t cook big turkey dinner…so we provide,” she said. “Some elderly can’t drive so we deliver to anybody that needs it.”

They make about 700-800 meals for the community.

“Everyone has found out that this is a pretty good way to get a Thanksgiving meal without having to do all the work,” she said.

To call Schwalm, 620.224.6769.

The hours of service on Thanksgiving Day are from 11 a.m. to about 1-1:30 p.m.

She starts making to-do lists and lists of items to buy for the meal, months ahead.

Usually she goes to Sam’s Club in Joplin, MO for supplies, but this year, she is so thankful that Sam’s Club delivered to her.

After the meals are delivered or picked up on Thanksgiving Day, the family sits down for a meal together, she said.

“My family always got together for Thanksgiving, but now we fix for anyone that needs a meal,” Schwalm said.

Marjorie and her son, David Schwalm, who is in charge of giving all the delivery drivers their routes. Submitted photos.
Nancy Maze is charge of all desserts.  Submitted photos.
Pictured are Marjorie Schwalm and Diane Lloyd (who is in charge of the delivery meals being correct and accounted for) and Cash Davis in the front with the servers (Schwalm family) and some of the Elk’s Club members that helped deliver meals from last year. Submitted photos.
Aria and Charlee Davis help with desserts and taking meals to the drive-through. Submitted photos.
The serving assembly line – Cindy Stanely Schwalm, Sara Schwalm, Zack Schwalm, Danielle Minor, Daren Lloyd down the left side, and Tanner Schwalm, Dylan Lloyd, Diane Lloyd, Hunter Minor down the right with Lane Minor and Jeremiah Dawson helping transfer plates to the delivery tables.  Submitted photos.
Cindy Ziegler Schwalm, holding the plate, does all of the cooking. Submitted photos.

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