Rotary Elects New Officers

On July 1, new officers stepped into leadership positions of Fort Scott’s Rotary Club #2454. Kathy Dancer is President, Lindsay Madison is President-elect, and Rhonda Dunn is Secretary-Treasurer.
Outgoing officers are President Tracy Dancer, Secretary Lisa Ward, Treasurer Melissa Wise, and Sargent-at-Arms Ed Scott.
Also beginning in July, Rotary will meet twice monthly: one lunch program and one social hour. On the second Wednesday of the month, Rotary will have a lunch program at 12:00 Noon at Papa Don’s. On the fourth Wednesday of the month, the club will meet for happy hour at 5:30 pm at Crooner’s.
More information about the club can be found on the group’s Facebook page at or by contacting any of the officers.

2 thoughts on “Rotary Elects New Officers”

  1. How things have changed with the Fort Scott Rotary Club. I notice that all mentioned in the article are women. Where are the men?. Back in our days with the club we met weekly and sang “Smile and the world smiles with you” directed by Phil Hammons. Just Ken Asher reminiscing.

    1. Outgoing officers Tracy Dancer and Ed Scott are men. Of our current members, 52% are men.

      We miss the late Phil Hammons who had not only a beautiful singing voice but also a great sense of humor.

      Thank you for sharing your Rotary memories.

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