Robert Coon Invests in Another Downtown Building

120 E. Wall was purchased this week by Robert and Kim Coon. Submitted photo.

Continuing the restoration of Fort Scott’s downtown, Robert and Kim Coon have purchased 120 E. Wall this week. They own Coon Rentals LLC.

Robert and Kim Coon own Coon Rentals LLC. Submitted photo.

“After I bought the Kress Building, I fell in love with the downtown area,” Robert Coon said. “There is lots of energy, lots of events, music on Friday nights at Heritage Park. That little strip of Main Street was dead, now it’s thriving.”

The Kress Building he purchased last year was renovated into Pizza Republic Restaurant this year.

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“It’s the support of the community that put downtown Fort Scott on the map and it’s exploding,” he said. “Developers, business people have contributed-the Bartlesmeyers, the Lyons, the Freemans, the LaRoches, the Lipes, the Dancers and others.”

“Developers are taking money from their other ventures to fund this,” he said. “These people are building downtown, are working downtown and still choosing to build downtown.”

“My wife and I have always been involved in rentals,” Coon said. “The residential rental market is easy. The commercial market is fun.”

Going back in time, the shoe store, the appliance store, the Kress Tea Room were closing, now investors are revitalizing the downtown, he said.

Instrumental economic development people in this revitalization have been Jody Hoener and Rob Harrington, Coon said.


Plans For the Building

Coon Rentals LLC will be renovating the upstairs of 120 E. Wall into a 1,900 square feet “high end, classy Airbnb.”

“The view is spectacular from the second floor,” he said.

The lower 1900 square feet, which was renovated by the Gettler’s and most recently Patrick Wood, is an office space that is currently rented out to Stutesman Action Realty.

A view inside 120 E. Wall on the main floor. Submitted photo.

History of the Building

“In the 1800’s the original building burnt down,” Coon said. “In 1920, the current structure was built. Brian Allen and Shane Walker are a wealth of knowledge of downtown history.”

“There was a complete renovation under the previous ownership of Patrick J. Wood-the street level, 1900 square feet of a stunning, professional area, is currently occupied by Stutesman Action Reality.  The 1,900 square feet, high end loft apartment space upstairs is set to be Airbnb in early April, 2023”.

Robert Coon can be reached at 620.215.9267.

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