Redfield Receives USDA Grant for Community Center

United States Department of Agriculture (USDA) Acting State Director for Rural Development Kansas Dan Fischer today announced that USDA is investing $803,700 toward 11 community facility projects, serving 29,333 Kansans.


The Kansas projects are:

  • The City of Laharpe will receive a $46,400 grant to purchase and install a heating and air conditioning system for the city hall, library and community center. The current system is old, unreliable and has many service calls for repairs. At times, those repairs have caused the cancellation of activities.


  • The City of Redfield will receive a $38,700 grant to renovate and improve the city hall/community center. The building’s age, along with deferred maintenance, has resulted in a need for significant upgrades. Upgrades to the restroom, water heater, heating and cooling system, and doors and windows will improve energy efficiency and lower operational costs.


  • The Unified School District #220, Ashland, will receive a $100,500 grant to renovate Ashland High School restrooms making them Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) compliant.


  • The City of Winfield will receive a $125,400 grant to purchase two ambulances for the city’s emergency services. Two of the city’s five ambulances are no longer serviceable due to high mileage and repair costs.


  • The City of Girard will receive a $13,400 grant toward the purchase of a law enforcement vehicle and firefighting equipment. The new vehicle will replace an older vehicle with high mileage. The fire equipment is a positive pressure vent fan, a rescue saw, and a ventilation chain saw.


  • The City of Goessel will receive a $34,000 grant toward the purchase of a backhoe. Increased repairs to the old backhoe are expected to exceed replacement costs. This equipment is used in maintaining streets, repairing water leaks, sewer leaks and used at the city’s tree dump.


  • The Unified School District #380 will receive a $243,000 grant to renovate school buildings and upgrade technology within the communities of Centralia, Frankfort and Vermillion. Renovations will include window replacements, classroom and bathroom remodels, and replacement of an outdated boiler heating system with heating/air conditioning units. Funds will also be used to purchase security cameras, magnetic door holders, a new school bus, and 240 laptops to replace outdated computer equipment.


  • The City of Osawatomie will receive a $46,000 grant to purchase radios for the police and fire departments. The current radios are outdated and do not meet mandates by the Federal Communication Commission. The new radios will assist the departments in working side by side with other agencies throughout the state for emergencies or natural disasters.


  • The City of Cherryvale will receive a $37,400 grant to purchase a vehicle and equipment for the Fire-Rescue Department’s Code Enforcement within the city. The new vehicle will be designated for Code Enforcement use.


  • The Historic Preservation Corporation will receive a $85,800 grant to renovate the interior of the Art and History Center located in Council Grove. The renovations will include the installation of heating and air conditioning, restroom renovations, flooring, custom stage, chair lift, and shelving for displays.


  • The City of Kingman will receive a $33,100 grant to purchase and install equipment and update landscaping in Broadway Park. This project will provide handicapped accessible equipment and parking along with other equipment, park benches, lighting, landscaping, and fencing.


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