Red Dirt Country Comes to Fort Scott

Dalton Womeldorff sits in the studio of Fort Scott Broadcasting. He is an announcer at the radio station and a recent graduate of Fort Scott High School.

Red Dirt Country is in Fort Scott as of July 1 at 98.3 FM on your radio.

The Red Dirt genre of country music started in Oklahoma and Texas.

“Red Dirt Country is a different brand of country,” Tim McKenney, owner of Fort Scott Broadcasting said.  “Most tell a story…songs that tell stories about the cowboy’s way of life.”

Fort Scott Broadcasting, owned by both Tim and Deb McKenney, is the umbrella company for KMDO-AM 1600 and KOMB-FM 103.9 and now K252KY-FM 98.3.

KMDO started in 1954 and KOMB in1981 and continue to play classic and contemporary music. They were purchased by Tim and Deb in 1996 from Tim’s father.

Red Dirt Country, K252KY-FM started this year.

Fort Scott Broadcasting is the parent company of KMDO-AM and KOMB-FM and is located at 2 N. National Avenue. The parent company of the businesses are Fort Scott Broadcasting, owned by Tim and Deb McKenney. They also own U.S. Cellular at 1711 S. National and 2506 S. Santa Fe in Chanute.

“On July 1 we opened K252KY,” McKenney said. “It started broadcasting a few months ago. We wanted to run it a while to make sure it was going smoothly.”

“We wanted to compete with those (radio stations) that do country, in a different way,” he said.

“It’s been crazy, for signing on quietly,” McKenney said.


KMDO-AM and KOMB-FM Radio Stations are located at 2 N. National Avenue, Fort Scott. New in July 2019 is the addition of Red Dirt Country at K252KY-FM, 98.3


The broadcasting company plays music 24 hours a day, seven days a week.

There are several announcers who work for the company: Larry Gazaway, Brandon Tadtman, Dalton Womeldorff, Pam Hutchison, Charlene Bolinger, Brayden Enstrom, Dena Wade  “and a few more of us do some on-air, but not regularly,” McKenney said.

“We still have announcers, it is not automated by satellite,” McKenney said.

In August, Larry Gazaway returns to the radio station as “the morning man on 103.9 and he will be our sports broadcaster,” McKenney said. Gazaway did a stint as Fort Scott’s Director of Convention and Visitor Bureau recently and returns to broadcasting on August 5.

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