FSCC New Foundation Director: Lindsay Hill

Lindsay Hill. Submitted photo.

Lindsay Hill, 44, is the new Fort Scott Community College Foundation Director, effective June 11. Her office is in the Ellis Fine Arts Center on the college campus.

She has a bachelor’s and master’s degree from Pittsburg State University and was the FSCC Volleyball Coach for nine years.

She left FSCC in March 2020 to build an online business and “be a more present mom,” she said.

In January 2024, she and her husband John opened Freedom Fitness in downtown Fort Scott.

John is the FSCC Baseball Coach and they have two sons, J.J., 13 years of age and Hudson,  10.

They also own Sunbeam Christian Preschool.

“My family has been philanthropists my whole life,” she said.

Some of the foundation goals:

  • “Help as many students as we can earn a scholarship to attend FSCC.  We do this through our endowed scholarships.  We will continue to grow our scholarships so we can help more students,” she said.
  • “Create opportunities for Fort Scott CC and our community to work together.  Relationships are important for us as an institution, so we want to develop those relationships in all areas of our community.”
  • “Make connections with our alumni and friends – this is a valuable piece to our family.”
  • “Fundraise to help the college become more sustainable.”



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