Public Library Prepares to Reopen

After spending recent months in Memorial Hall while their building went through renovations, the Fort Scott Public Library is preparing to reopen in its own building.

Photo Credit: Public Library

The project, which began in September, 2016, includes more than $500,000 of renovations, including changes to the floors, ceiling and walls and adding new light fixtures and a second restroom.

When they changed their location to Memorial Hall, only about 10 percent of their circulation went with them, while the other books remained in storage at Landmark Bank. But now the library is preparing to move those books back into their building.

On Friday, students from Christian Heights helped clean areas of the library in order to prepare for that move. Others who are interested in volunteering their time to help with the move can contact the library director Lisa Walther at [email protected].

“We’re looking for volunteers to haul off recycling, help clean, help move, help organize the books on the shelves and help move the books around,” Walther said.

Walther said the library will be closed beginning Thursday, and will not reopen again for about three weeks as the transition back into the building is made. The library will stay open until 6 p.m. Wednesday to accommodate those wanting to visit before that closure.

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