Arts Council Hosts 25th Fine Arts Exhibit

Almost 100 pieces of art are on display at the Ellis Fine Arts Center, as the Bourbon County Arts Council hosts the 25th Annual Fine Arts Exhibit.

“It really speaks well of the community and the arts council itself,” Ray Streeter said of the 25 years of hosting the event.

Through Friday, members of the community can visit the exhibit to view and purchase a variety of pieces, including paintings, photographs, ceramics, jewelry and others. Prizes were awarded to the first place pieces of each category, donated by individuals and businesses of Fort Scott.

The exhibit includes 95 pieces from 42 artists. Nineteen of those artists are from Bourbon County while the others are from surrounding cities and into Missouri. Items from the Fort Scott High School art class students are also displayed.

The exhibit will be available from noon to 7 p.m., Thursday and Friday. The arts council is also asking its members to renew their memberships and encourages other members of the community to join.

“We think we do a lot for the community and we need your support to do it,” Streeter said.

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